Commerce Policy

As per our Terms Of Service, ePlaya now allows limited commerce in designated areas only. Please read and follow our Commerce Policy below before posting.

Commercial listings and recommendations will go into separate boards under the Show Your Support forum.
  • Recommendations - this is the place where you can ask for or offer recommendations for event-related goods and services. We realize that you're excited about going to Black Rock City and couldn't sleep last night, but it is not necessary to post links to every sale you found on the internet. Remember that public shaming and bashing of companies or individuals is not acceptable. If you can not recommend it, do not post it.
  • Playa Exchange - this is a classifieds board designed for crafty individuals as well as those burners looking to sell or barter the playagear and playawear they no longer need. Post new listings up to once every month, or add items to an existing classified listing up to once every 10 days. Open for new threads from October to July, new threads require moderator approval.
  • Burner Businesses - this board is designed to help burners discover small independent shops and startups. Small businesses (no chains or franchise operations) may post from October to July, moderator approval is required. One thread per business, with news posted as replies in the thread. New product posts up to once every 10 days.
Listings are restricted to things specifically for use in Black Rock City (candy cane stakes = yes, burner book = yes, car detailing or home window washing = no). We can appreciate that you're a burner and run a small business, but that alone does not entitle you to advertise on ePlaya. We can also appreciate that those cable-knit sweaters will keep you warm on those cold playa nights or that your used car or truck has made it to and from the playa several times, but they should not be listed on the boards. Alcohol, tobacco, hazardous materials, and other items controlled or prohibited by law may also not be listed on ePlaya.

Moderator approval is required for posts in the Burner Businesses forum, and may take up to 7 days. The Playa Exchange and Burner Businesses boards are open to new threads from October to July, and closed during the months of August and September. Plan accordingly. All the Show Your Support forums will be cleaned out and old threads removed in September of each year.

The Fine Print
Please be aware that you are not permitted to use the Burning Man logo or trademarks on goods and merchandise without special written permission, which is not generally granted in instances when money is changing hands (so that the logo is reserved exclusively for the sharing of gifts, not for selling merch). You can contact Burning Man at [email protected] if you're not sure about your idea, but first, read up on Burning Man's trademark policy.

Do not flood the boards with every item you've ever made or bury us in all the minutae and financial details of your shop. Post a picture and short description of your awesome stuff, then link to the selling page on your store's site (where we imagine you have all those details).

Business and product listings posted on ePlaya do not constitute an endorsement by Burning Man. Customers can provide feedback in the Burner Business Listings or Playa Exchange Classified threads as a reply to the seller's message. Any disputes are between buyers and sellers, and should be resolved directly between buyers and sellers. While ePlaya does not act as a customer service or complaints department for buyers or sellers, we do reserve the right to remove any listings if we believe them to be inaccurate or misleading.

Those who ignore the rules risk having their threads locked or removed, and repeat offenders risk account suspension or termination.

Commerce Policy FAQ

[Updated October 2016]