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by icyspots
Thu Jan 08, 2004 4:57 pm
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Topic: Your porno name determined
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Your porno name determined

I'd be Puff Tenth. kinda boring

But I once knew a guy called Timber Dick. Does that count for extra points???

And WHAT were his parents thinking???? and i never found out if it was true.... :(
by icyspots
Mon Jan 05, 2004 12:13 pm
Forum: Open Discussion
Topic: Who are your heroes?
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who are your heroes?

John Muir
by icyspots
Wed Oct 15, 2003 6:07 pm
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Topic: San Francisco Decompression Pictures
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Decompression was great, loved the industrial backdrop provided by the Dogpatch neighborhood, very surreal with all the fire, costumes, shadows. Not the desert though... Didn't take any pictures, but looking forward to seeing all of yours!

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