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by redhot
Sat Sep 20, 2003 10:59 am
Forum: Open Discussion
Topic: A death in the family
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There's a gathering today at 5, I believe it's at his house. I'm really bummed out by this, I knew him from the Port as well as the playa.

by redhot
Sat Sep 20, 2003 10:03 am
Forum: Open Discussion
Topic: RIP Todd
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RIP Todd

Just found out that Todd was one of the people in a wreck I heard about earlier in the week. I didn't hang out much with him at Tribal Thunder camp this year but knew him off the playa too. I'll miss his twisted humor. Nobody liked to party more than Todd, I'm getting together with some friends to c...
by redhot
Sun Sep 14, 2003 9:29 am
Forum: Stories
Topic: Picture taken? Or not
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Nobody asked to take my picture this year, maybe I was on my bicycle too much. One year two people stopped me to take my picture, I ws wearing a thong and some latex body paint at the time. I need more famboyant non-flammable clothing for next year. I brought a disposable camera with me, only two pi...
by redhot
Sun Sep 07, 2003 11:05 pm
Forum: Off-Playa Meetups
Topic: East Bay Burner Hangouts?
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how about an Albany beach barbeque?

Anybody know if there's much patrols there? The place seems like it'd be great for a beach barbecue, plus there's all the art already there. With all the great weather we should be getting soon seems like a great venue for a pre-decompression party! I'm thinking possibly next Saturday.....thoughts a...
by redhot
Sun Sep 07, 2003 11:54 am
Forum: Stories
Topic: Shit! I forgot my___________.
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__________and it was too late to go back

I forgot my sword and didn't want to go back for it. Also a rake handle and dowel but had all the other hardware to turn them into fire staffs. Had a terrible dream that I got to the playa without poi - maybe it was just a reminder to pack them first.
by redhot
Sat Sep 06, 2003 7:39 pm
Forum: Stories
Topic: Too much sleeping this year get you down?
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sort of~~~

I seemed to stay up till 2 or 3 am, although one night till about 5.30. It seemed like I needed more sleep this year and had less energy - the heat seemed to get to me a bit more. I managed to lose track of my tin of vitamins but I don't think that made any difference. I remember being able to ride ...
by redhot
Fri Sep 05, 2003 9:26 am
Forum: Stories
Topic: Playa Cough / Playa Lung ?
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lesson learned...

Next year, all my dust masks are going into zip locks. I used them frequently, but the inside surface seemed to be coated with dust. Other than having a big clot of dust in my nose, I wasn't too bothered by it, the heat seemed to get to me more this year though. I used saline spray as needed though,...
by redhot
Fri Sep 05, 2003 8:31 am
Forum: Philosophical Center
Topic: Negativity Abounds at This Years Burning Man
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Someone else said BM is a microcosm of the world, so if all isn't so great, yes it will be reflected. Despite that, I didnt feel so much negativity and some was internal. I'm kind of bummed about all the stuff stolen especially art-related stuff - although one should be able to pee and still have yo...

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