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by psychosam666
Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:53 pm
Forum: Bikes & Transportation
Topic: Early Arrival Question
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Early Arrival Question

I'm pretty sure the answer to this is no, but I'm going to ask anyways just in case there has been some change since last year. Black Rock City gates open at 12AM Monday (Midnight Sunday). The shuttle service " To Flame " has many shuttle times prior to that time. If I were to take the Sunday shuttl...
by psychosam666
Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:56 pm
Forum: Get Involved Year-Round
Topic: Advanced Gifting: Adopt a BM Virgin (Or Be Adopted)!
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Re: Advanced Gifting: Adopt a BM Virgin (Or Be Adopted)!

Hello!!! :) Last year I had 3 friends go to Burning Man for the first time, and the main reason I didn't go last year with them was because I couldn't afford it. When they came back, oh the stories!!! So there's a group of us going :D 7 total! 4 Virgins and 3 with 1 year (we lucked out big time that...

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