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by Veggiemonster
Wed Feb 26, 2014 1:06 pm
Forum: 2014 Tickets Discussion
Topic: Individual Sale
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Thank you for giving me back my afternoon!

I don't post too often, but just wanted to thank all the people who work for BM for a vastly improved experience buying a ticket. Thank you. I logged on at exactly 12pm in 2013 and had to wait 6 hours to get a ticket! This year was under 30 mins! Thank you for giving me back my afternoon (like every...
by Veggiemonster
Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:38 pm
Forum: Stories
Topic: Police Using Entrapment
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Police Using Entrapment

I got approached by an undercover cop. The whole episode really annoyed me, as it was clearly a case of attempted entrapment and it was a blemish on what was otherwise one of the most amazing days of my life. It was just after sunrise, on the outskirts of the playa - I was at Robot Heart (the sunris...

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