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by Good News Bear
Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:59 pm
Forum: Power & Electronics
Topic: Seal or strengthen LED Tape?
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Re: Seal or strengthen LED Tape?

FIGJAM wrote:Slip it into some polytubing.
Timely thread. I did exactly this earlier today.

Pro tip if you don't have an electrician's fish: Use a vacuum to pull some string into the tubing, and then use that to pull the LED tape in.
by Good News Bear
Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:35 pm
Forum: Building Camps & Villages
Topic: Lag screws vs everything else...
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Re: Lag screws vs everything else...

$1.50 each, no shipping. Hi Where'd you find these? PM if need be (if posting the source breaks the rules or something). Just went to pick up the lag screws I ordered from the local hardware store and found out they ordered in BOLTS (machine thread style). I'd basically have to pound those in as th...
by Good News Bear
Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:25 pm
Forum: 2015 Tickets Discussion
Topic: ticket info
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Re: ticket info

Might as well wade into controversy with my first post. The story is that 34,000 vehicle passes were sold in 2014, yet only 27,000 vehicles showed up. Or in other words, 7,000 vehicle passes went unused. (21%) Consequently only 27,000 vehicle passes will be sold this year. The problem is, nothing ha...

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