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by Clar-i-ty
Thu Aug 02, 2007 11:24 pm
Forum: Q & A Tips and Tricks
Topic: Kids & Teenagers at Burning Man
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Playa Kids

This year will be my kid's 3rd burn, and I must say, I consider it a personal accomplishment that my kids would rather go to Burning Man than Disneyland! That being said, it has changed for them a bit, especially now that my older one is starting puberty. On the plus side, they see so much that ther...
by Clar-i-ty
Thu Aug 02, 2007 10:41 pm
Forum: 2007 Art & Performance
Topic: Playa Piano Recital
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Playa Piano Recital

Join us for a Playa Piano Recital at Hot Monkey Sox Camp on the Esplanade and 5:30. Here's the thing. I messed up big time last month and my 9-year-old missed his summer recital. So I promised him we can have one on the playa. We've purchased a good keyboard and hope that we can enjoy many many perf...
by Clar-i-ty
Thu Aug 02, 2007 10:33 pm
Forum: 2007 Theme Camps
Topic: Is anyone hosting Karaoke?
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We can definitely have a sing-along

So, we might not have a Karaoke machine, but we will have a nice keyboard for your playing pleasure on Thursday night for our Playa Piano Recital at Hot Monkey Sox Camp, Esplanade and 5:30 I think. This is the thing. I screwed up MAJOR last month when my 9-year old missed his piano recital. So this ...
by Clar-i-ty
Mon Sep 04, 2006 9:35 pm
Forum: 2006 Theme Camps
Topic: Missing Monkey from Hot Monkey Sox Camp
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Missing Monkey from Hot Monkey Sox Camp

Hi, my sister was the mistress of the Hot Monkey Sox Camp and took my son's sock monkey as an example for people to look at to make sock monkeys. And I'll be darned if that little bugger didn't take off and go home with somebody else! What a bad bad monkey! Please help our monkey find his way home. ...

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