Do you have to join a theme camp to attend?

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Do you have to join a theme camp to attend?

Post by violentspecter » Sat Jan 27, 2007 12:53 pm

This will be my first year and i'm stoked to finally pop my BM cherry.

But i am going by myself and i don't know anyone who is going. (yet)

Is joining a theme camp a requirement, or can i just show up and be ready to have fun?

Help is always apprieciated, thanks.

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Re: Do you have to join a theme camp to attend?

Post by Eric » Sat Jan 27, 2007 1:07 pm

violentspecter wrote:or can i just show up and be ready to have fun?

Wait until you've been to think about joining a theme camp- you probably don't want to be tied down too much your first year.

Others, of course, will disagree.
This is also one of the joys of Bman- there is no one correct way to do it (other than living the Survival Guide)
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You don't need to join shit!!!

Post by Mr. Fixit » Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:13 pm

You don't need to join a Themecamp to attend. I agree with that other guy, just show up and LIVE the Survival Guide and enjoy every minute. We have built a Themecamp, (Hot Wheelz), for the past 6 years. However, some of my fondest memories of our early BM years were pre-Themecamp, when we were Oh-So-Free... You get out of Burning Man whatever you put in. Participants Only, No Spectators. When you get there, just PARTICIPATE in everything you see. You will feel better and everybody you touch will feel better if you think and act with your Heart. Welcome home to Black Rock City!!!!
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Post by Cephlah » Wed Jan 31, 2007 1:14 am


I attended the first half of my first BM solo and loved it. I think the fact that I was there by myself really made me reach out and meet people in a way I probably wouldn't have if I had been camping with a group.

Whatever you decide, have a great time :)


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Post by Smudge » Wed Jan 31, 2007 11:03 am

I'd almost reccomend joining some sort of theme camp as a 'burgin' even though I've never been a part of a camp. The pros and cons of either:
Going solo, you get to experience more of the Radical Self Reliance that was rule #1 in the first years of the Playa. Going without a camp means you're going without a schedule or a plan and get to dive head long into the FLOW of playatime, playaenergy, playagrace and the immense currents of meaningful coincidence that gives birth to spontaneous community and immediacy in community. The simple delimma of survival logistics arriving alone on the playa can consume a lot of the time and mental/physical/spiritual energies that could otherwise go into meaningful interpersonal relations, spiritual growth and simply exploring, playing, an enjoying yourself, the art, the playa, and the community of Black Rock City. I went once with friends and a moderate camp packed into the car and I went alone with considerable camp logistics and now opine that having some sort of social framework to start out with can be one of the most valuable 'things' to have on the playa.
It's like moving to a new city. Would you rather have your own furnished apartment with a full fridge and a cupboard full of clean wineglasses that never get used or would you like to walk into a place where you have a hundred friends who'd walk up and hug you, invite you to crash on their couch a night apice and help yourself to the freshly sauteed hotdogs as long as you wash the dishes and sweep out the livingroom floor?
You can do either, or both depending on how you want to shift.

You could hook up with an established themecamp this spring or summer either in person or by email or you could walk in, pitch your tent next to something and join the camp nextdoor. Society on the playa can be extremely fluid.

I would definitely reccomend to any virgin, Get there early. Monday or possibly Sunday. Get there with some deep rest on Saturday because you'll be tired by the time you hit the asphalt again. Have some sort of a sunTAN as well as sunscreen. Come bringing an open heart, the willingness to do whatever work you're capable of and the urge to grow.
I'd also reccomend to a virgin, leave the alcohol and the expectations at home. You might have expectations of Burningman, but the Playa and Black Rock City each might decide to snatch your written itenerary out of your hand in a gust of wind and send it straight into the roaring inferno of fourty thousand hearts.

I tell my family and other people who haven't gone that I went to Burningman the event. I don't tell myself I went to Burningman.
I went to the Playa. I was at home in Black Rock City.
Burningman happened to be going on at the time.

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Post by Dork » Wed Jan 31, 2007 11:19 am

Keep in mind most camps are not "theme" camps. Most camps are just groups of people who get together to share resources. Some have a project like outer playa art or an art car, others just camp together.

So... I would suggest deciding how much you want to "work" during the event and what sort of people you'd like being around. Either find a group doing a project you think you would enjoy being a part of (theme camp, art project, performance, music, whatever) or find people you think you would get along with well during the week.

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