Mixed Drinks..please share your recipes!

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Mixed Drinks..please share your recipes!

Post by TomServo » Mon Apr 23, 2007 12:47 pm

am a bartender at the roller disco...and want to mix more creative drinks this year! already have the SpongeBobs..pineapple soaked in everclear wit whipped cream.. and the 4th of july shot..but..! would grateful for any new mix recipes..will have absynth this year!
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Post by AntiM » Mon Apr 23, 2007 1:01 pm

Meyer's dark rum and Rose's lime, on the rocks. Or Ciclon, pretty much straight up. Or Pama, at playa temp. Cocoanut rum and lime, on the rocks. Pama substituted for grenadine, yum. Did I mention rum?

I have horrible problems with preservatives in mixers, so any of my drink ideas will be almost pure booze, possibly with juice. Benzoates of any kind, present in almost every mixer except full sugar 7-up and coke in the liter bottles gives me flu symptoms and swollen glands. Really sucks.

Wharf rat: absinthe, orange juice, pama (or grenadine), apricot brandy, and I think white rum.

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Post by MikeVDS » Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:00 pm

Hmm. An interesting one we came up with one drunken night was Irish cream and cola. I think about 50/50. It fizzes up and produces what look like chunks on the foam (though they are not solid). We called it the leper and it actually tastes pretty good. It's good for it's gimmick value.

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Post by AntiM » Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:09 pm

I'm trying to recall what's in a Panther Sweat, made up the name and the bartender made drinks. Fun bar It involves tequila, banana liqueur, grapefruit juice and something else I don't remember from a very drunken Milwaukee evening. Shaken, it looks yellow and sweaty.

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Post by Nickel » Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:08 pm

Scotch or Bourbon on the rocks is the best drink. ;)

However, for drinks/shots one of my favorites is:

Redheaded Slut
Makes 1 shot

1/2 ounce Jagermeister
1/2 ounce peach schnapps
1 1/2 ounces cranberry juice

Instructions: Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well, and strain into shot glass.

*This can easily be re-proportioned to be a drink instead of a shot. Just pour the shaker into drink glasses. It's actually quite tasty (even the ladies like it)

Another pretty fun drink (not so sure how playa friendly it would be, although Guiness is always good warm, and it's a straight shooter, not sure if you are looking for drinks or shots, is an Irish Car Bomb

It's just a glass filled 1/2 to 3/4 of the way with Guiness and then a shotglass with 1/2 Baileys, 1/2 Irish Wiskey. Drop the shot in, and taste a glorious experiment in flavor mixing. It's quite tasty, sort of coffee like. This CANNOT be drank in any other method than as a shot, the baileys curdles when it hits the beer. Baileys would also be a pretty bad thing after a few days on the playa, so it would have to be a "special treat" type thing. Something for either the first or second day, or something someone who was coming in late brought in.

Hope this helps, or give you anything new. I'll have to stop by and have a RHS!
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Post by CapSmashy » Tue Apr 24, 2007 8:29 am

The Green Fucker.

In a tall hurricane glass...

1 shot each:
Dark rum
Triple Sec
Blue Curacao
151 Rum (optional)

Splash of orgeat syrup (simple syrup with almond)

2 oz Sweet and Sour

Equal parts orange and pineapple juice to fill glass.

Serve over ice or blended for a refreshing cool off on a hot day.

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Teo del Fuego
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Post by Teo del Fuego » Tue Apr 24, 2007 11:36 am

grapefruit juice and tequilla

Forgot what its called, but it tastes lots better than it sounds

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Post by Dr. Pyro » Tue Apr 24, 2007 5:18 pm

An excellent refreshing playa cocktail is vodka and tonic with a splash of OJ. I think it's called a Doc's Box.

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Post by Toolmaker » Tue Apr 24, 2007 10:05 pm

slow comfortable screw up against the wall mexican style

slo gin, southern comfort, vodka, orange juice, galliano, tequila

kinda like hawiian punch but it floors ya
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Post by BAS » Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:53 pm

About 20 oz. of Diet Mountain Dew and one or two shots of potato vodka. It is something I came up with, occasionally I try to name it "Chernobyl" or "Chernobyl Light", but neither the name nor the drink has caught on. Oh well, I still drink it from time to time.

A cheaper version of it uses Roundy's Diet Mountain Fury, which really does NOT taste like Diet Mountain Dew, but DOES have 25% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. (But don't skimp on the vodka-- potato vodka tastes less like paint thinner than grain vodka, and is much smoother.)

Other things to mix vodka with are the various V8 Splash drinks, or V8 Fusion. Or even Diet Mountain Dew Code Red.

Anyway, I tend to mix vodka with diet and/or fruit juices to give my conscience the illusion I am drinking in a healthy fashion! :wink:

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Re: Mixed Drinks..please share your recipes!

Post by MozyBonz » Wed Apr 25, 2007 7:03 pm

TomServo wrote:am a bartender at the roller disco...and want to mix more creative drinks this year! already have the SpongeBobs..pineapple soaked in everclear wit whipped cream.. and the 4th of july shot..but..! would grateful for any new mix recipes..will have absynth this year!

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I find some good stuff here and it's been free so far.

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blue velvet... I think

Post by treetiger » Wed Apr 25, 2007 8:56 pm

Here are a few ideas for you to try

"Blue Velvet"

1 shot cranberry juice
1 shot orange liqueur
1 shot vodka
fill two thirds with soda water
Optional: shot glass of Hypnotic blueberry liqueur
dropped into the tall glass

Variation: "yellow submarine"

1 shot white rum
1 shot everclear
1 shot orange liqueur
two thirds soda
Optional: shotglass of banana liqueur
dropped into the tall glass

"Satan's Whiskers"

1/2 ounce sweet vermouth
1/2 dry vermouth
1/2 gin
1/2orange juice
1/4 grand marnier
1 dashorange bitters
Shake well and strain into glass

"Angel's Kiss"

fill 1/4 of liqueu glass w/ cream de Cacao
1/4 shot orange liqueur
float a doppop of heavey cream on top
of liqueur

"Cupid Cocktail"

2 ounces sherry
1 fresh egg
1 teaspoon powdered suger
pinch of cayanne pepper
shake well and strain in glass


1 ounce lime juice
1 ounce lemon juice
1 ounce unsweetened pineapple juice
1 dash bitters
1 1/4 ounce white rum
1 1/4 ounce heavy rum
1 1/4 ounce gold rum
shake w/ cracked ice and pour unstrained into goblet
garnish with fruit

"Knickerbocker Special"

1 teaspoon rasberry syrup
1 teasp. lemon juice
1 teasp. orange juice
1 chunk pineapple
2-3 ounce light rum
2 dashes curacao
shake well and strain into medium glass

"New Orleans Buck"

1 1/2 ounces light rum
1/2 ounce lime juice
1/2 ounce orange bitters
Iced ginger ale
shake well and strain into 8-ounce glass hlaf filled with ice.
add ginger aleand stir
add lime slice

"Singapore Sling" 1 ounce lemon juice
1/2 teasp. sugar
1 ounce cherry brandy
1 ounce gin
shake wekk w/ cracked ice and pour
unstrained into 10 ounce glass
add orange slice and cherry

get this: I don't drink but I love to bartend.
hope this above drinks help---peace

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Post by Zatoichi » Thu Apr 26, 2007 8:13 am

Playa Margarita

fill a pitcher with
1 Can Frozen Limeaid, then fill the empty can with your favorite Tequila
1 Can Tequila
1 Cold Beer
add a bunch of ice

share with friends, repeat
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Post by Rat Bastard » Sun May 06, 2007 12:13 am

TomServo, et al,
This is about the most PERVERSE use of a message board I've seen next to alien PORNOGRAPHY and its a SHAME that the world HAS COME to this MISUSE of a valued public TOOL.

I salute you for a exelent choice in topic and will now add my own three cents!

1 part grappa
1/2 part orange liquer
2-4 parts margarhita mix

These are exelent and easy to make. You don't taste the grappa like you would tequila. A good cheap source of grappa is found through friends that make wine.

Next is the GRAPE APE. This one tastes like Grape Crush but kicks you like the cartoon caractor Grape Ape.

1 part grapa
1 part blue curacao
1 part margarita mix (or simple syrup and lime juice)
1/2 part grenedine

Shake well, pour, dring yer shot.

GRAPE APE: DRINK (Grapa Crush)

Same as above but at 1/4 part more grenedine and tonic over the rocks. Makes for a "dry" tasting grape crush drink.

Here's a good one we came up with one night...


1 part grapa
1 part tekillya
1-1/2 - 2 parts margharita mix

shake and pour. From what I remember, it did taste like a mexican raisin.

Hope you like these. Remember, ask you local winemaker friend if they have any grapa left over from their wine making process!

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Hello -- it's the Roller Disco

Post by Mr_Understanding » Tue May 08, 2007 4:47 pm

I really think that if you're going to keep in the Roller Disco Theme, you need to concentrate on something that's throw back...

Hence, my ex's own creation, the [b]Hello Kitty[/b]:

Triple Sec

and the key to it all: TAB

I ask you, what's more Roller Disco than having TAB on the playa?[/i]
If I was to stop using the subjunctive, would anyone notice?

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Post by mdmf007 » Tue May 08, 2007 6:44 pm

I owned a bar for about 30 minutes after my fathers passing, but have a question I cant answer.

Can I batch mix large amounts of drinks - like sours, screwdrivers, etc and have it be ok hours later if kept chilled? We envision a 50-60 gallon glass vessel we use in the lab for fermenting as a drink vessel, with a cololing loop of RSW running through it. Since were lazy, and want to keep a buzz on this seems like a good way to go.

Never tried before was wondering if anyone has.
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Post by pinemom » Wed May 09, 2007 8:19 am

MdMf...thats the perfewct thing...as long as its kept on ice...BooBy bar will have days like that this year...the no muss no fuss Days!
They will be theme drink days! hehhee
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Mojo (modio) Punch

Post by Ugly Dougly » Wed May 09, 2007 12:33 pm

1 qt light rum
1 qt dark rum
1 pint cherry brandy
6 cans light beer
5 cans 7-Up® soda
4 qt pineapple juice
2 bags ice

I actually would use a bottle of rum, vodka, brandy, tequila, and 151 each, plus a can of Hawaiian Punch, OJ, and a bottle of Sloe Gin, but that's just me.

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Post by gidget » Thu May 10, 2007 5:49 pm

Here's a couple of dead easy playa "well drinks" I came up with for my campmate who can't stand the taste of alcohol, you can make these as stiff as you want and they still taste like candy, perfect for the person who wants something that tastes good and non-alcoholic but will still knock them flat on their ass....

Coco-Cherry Creme
2-3 or more shots of Malibu Coconut Rum
1 can of Cherry-Vanilla Cream soda (Hansen's soda is best)

2-3 or more shots of vanilla vodka
1 can of orange soda

gidget is gadgety-good!

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Post by meyouseek » Mon May 14, 2007 4:04 pm

Dammit, gidget stole my creamsicle!!

Actually, my recipe is closer to the Spongebob.

Whipped Cream
Vodka - you can use the cheaper, non-flavored kind since you're adding whipped cream
Orangeade (no fizz) I prefer sugar free, tastes great

Shake with some ice and enjoy.

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Tika and Liz

Post by TomServo » Fri Jun 01, 2007 12:32 pm

Ok..here's a good one we invented in 2004. its named after two girls who came by the roller disco..they were so much fun..they got their own drink

Tika and Liz:
on the rocks..stir
3 parts Hypnotiq
1 part strawberry capri sun
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Post by Rob_ » Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:11 pm

Pink Panty Pulldown

1 can pink lemonade
2 12 oz. Zimas
1 12 oz. domestic beer (like Bud, Coors)
vodka shots--about 4 or so. The more the merrier.

My wife tried this one...pretty good. Hard to believe a beer went into it.

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Dancemakers list of delish cocktails

Post by dancemaker » Sat Jun 02, 2007 10:06 pm

These are all tried and tasty! The measurements can be messed with till you get the strength you like... I like em strong!

The Night Off -
came about on one of the formentioned. This is what happens when many people suddenly discover they have the night off!

1 part Lychee Liquor
1 part apple juice
1 part OJ
1 part strawberry/kiwi juice

Shake in a shaker with ice and strain . Garnish with an orange slice or fresh strawberry or kiwi slice.

Green Apple Fairy
- Discovered at one of my birthdays - can't remember which one so it must have been good!

1 part vodka
1 part Sake

Top with a shot of green apple fizzy pop and a squeeze of lime

Garnish with a lime slice and if possible fairy glitter wands

Dancemaker's famous Lychee Martini
- a crowd fav everytime. Beware they taste delicious but there is next to no mix in them so try not to down them too fast!

1 part vodka
1 part Sake
1/2 part Triple Sec or Contreau
Top with 1 table spoon of liquid from a can of Lychees ( make sure it is a can which includes the fruit and not just the plain juice)

Shake together with Ice, strain and serve
Garnish - mandatory for the flavoring - Place 1 piece of the lychee fruit in each drink.

Peaches of Jesus -
Named by one of my dance company members during one of my house parties that was way too packed, way too loud and went way too long! Well worth it.
( there were actually 2 or 3 versions of this drink over the evening but this one was the best in my opinion.)

1 part Peach schnappes
1 part Vodka
1 part Tropicana Peach fruit juice blend

shake with ice, strain and top off with sparkling champagne
Garnish with a slice of peach or a lemon rind swirl

Persephones Passion
- created for our Dirty Bingo event 2006

1 part Vodka
1 part Pomegranate juice
1 part sparkling water

Swirl gently with a swizzle stick and serve with a lemon wedge

Free Flow Fruity Fizzler
- created for our dirty Bingo event 2005

1 part vodka
1 part Passionfruit juice or exotic fruit juice blend
1 part cheap sparkling wine ( make sure it is cheap and sugary!)

swizzle gently and garnish with a pineapple or other exotic fruit ( star fruits look great! and maybe an umbrella

Sparkling Rosebud
- created for our dirty Bingo event 2007

1 part Vodka
1 part Raspberry schnappes
1 part cran/raspberry juice
1 part Cranberry Gingerale

Swizzle gently and garnish with a lemon wedge - Feel free to float some frozen berries in the drink!

Arrrrrrgh Matey
- Created for our dirty Bingo event 2007 to compliment our usual "Girly" drinks

2 parts Dark Rum
1 part chilled apple cider ( use good stuff not the cheap stuff)
1 part gingerale

swizzle while grimacing and squinting and eye and saying arrrgh - Pirate jokes are optional.
A Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel down his drawers and the bartenders asks "hey buddy why is that down there isn't it bothering you?"
The pirate says " Arrrrrgh It's driving me nuts"

None of those girly garnished for this drink... arrrrrghhhh

Gimme Some
- I just randomly created this one to help me get rid of the left over Rum from various parties and it turned out green! Yum!

1 part Gold Rum
1 part apple juice
1/2 part Bols Blue
Squeeze of lime juice

Stir and serve over ice. Garnish with a slice of lime

Well that's the list for now! Enjoy!
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Post by thejohnstamos » Tue Jun 05, 2007 1:42 pm

(invented last BM)

Equal parts-
Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice
Red Bull

Add vodka


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Ugly Dougly
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Post by Ugly Dougly » Tue Jun 05, 2007 4:05 pm

Barbarian Melomel
Half Apple Cider
Half Mead

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Post by serendipity » Fri Jun 08, 2007 2:20 pm

the best playa drink, invented and enjoyed copiously on the playa...

1 can frozen lime-ade concentrate
3 cheap crappy american beers
a generous free-pouring of tequila

stirred up in a jug with ice if you have it. the limeade can be thawed out...

it sounds gross but it is heavenly

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DJ Dominus
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Post by DJ Dominus » Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:01 pm

Liquid Pie

Stoli Vanilla

Tastes like lemon meringue pie.

Mimosa Supreme


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Post by MozyBonz » Wed Jun 13, 2007 6:47 pm

Blood of Satan
1/2 oz Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
1/2 oz Goldschlager® cinnamon schnapps
1/2 oz Irish whiskey
1/2 oz Jack Daniel's® Tennessee whiskey
Carefully layer all four ingredients, in the above order (top-to-bottom) into a 2-oz shot glass, and serve.

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Post by jpx » Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:34 pm

Baileys would also be a pretty bad thing after a few days on the playa
how come? does it go bad?
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Post by AntiM » Wed Jun 13, 2007 7:40 pm

Lemon Seltzer
Absolut Pear
Rose's lime

Must be over ice, tastes weird warm.

Ciclon does not taste weird when warm, and neither does Pama.

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