how about a -DERANGED CIRCUS OF DOOM- camp theme

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how about a -DERANGED CIRCUS OF DOOM- camp theme

Post by medic0055 » Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:46 pm


come on fellow humans. . .whos down for it.. .. personally i cant think of a better one.....
thats actually the style of my band CLOWN BOX. we play electro circus metal.. its extreemly experimental.. i play guitar .,we have a programmer that does the drums/synth/tweeking/ ...and we have a singer..

Check it out if you like -

wether it becomes a theme or not, thats what my people are going with... the trippiest circus that ever roamed the earth..

peace&love-MEDIC (dan)[color=darkred][/color]
hi, im dan, aka MEDIC is my music alias(drum and bass/jungle) ..this will be my first burning man, excited and nervous. i also play guitar in my band CLOWN BOX, which you can find on myspace.

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Re: how about a -DERANGED CIRCUS OF DOOM- camp theme

Post by barnz » Mon Sep 24, 2007 12:17 pm

medic0055 wrote:-DERANGED CIRCUS OF DOOM-
Medic - this doesn't need to be a theme camp... this is the whole thing! :)
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