Living Pulses Installation and Camp- Recruiting Interested

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Living Pulses Installation and Camp- Recruiting Interested

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Made with recycled materials, LIVING PULSE is a grove of trees to climb into and play as an orchestra of custom-made instruments at Burning Man and public locations in the San Francisco Bay Area this year. Six Bay Area community groups including Glide Church and the Mission Cultural center will be painting brilliant banners that connect the outer trees to the center heart. It is an interactive sound and sculpture installation that provides opportunities to experiment with connection to one another and to the natural elements in an environment which invites participation, ritual, and experiences of community

Our goal is to increase relatedness between the communities that surround us, to include wider community involvement at Burning Man, and have Burning Man art be directly experienced in communities. We are inspired by experiences of art as interactive collective creation.

Find out more at

Add your pulse to the Living Pulse! We need our community to come together and collaborate with us to create it. If you would like to participate in creating this with us please contact: Jessie Hassell at

Please come to our fundraiser party on Saturday, April 21, hear incredible music, have delicious drinks, and participate in our silent auction. We will also give a slide show presentation of the project, and have sign ups for you to participate in helping make the project come to life!

We also have a very nurturing theme camp at Burning Man called Collective Regeneration. If you are looking to help create a warm community experience at Burning Man please contact us – and there will be sign ups for this at the party as well. Our next meeting will be in Oakland on Sunday April 29 from 3-5pm!

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