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darren y
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Re: Bluegrass anyone?

Post by darren y » Tue Aug 14, 2007 1:31 am

farmout wrote:Hello, looking for folks interested in pickin & grinnin at BM.
I play upright bass & some guitar.
Still lookin for bluegrass babe/country girl too.
Peace... Farmout :-) :)
Mr. Mister here!
say my stage is open nighty for performances, as my Mister runs daily from noon - sunset, 12x24' stage, ~1foot off the ground
located in the heart of the 7:30 plaza @ the Vamp Camp
we have many couches for people to lounge in + a fire
you can play for the Vamp Camp Bar [located next to my stage] long as you don't mind a wet stage
contact myself or Paris for info....
aka: Mr. Mister

noah d
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Post by noah d » Tue Aug 14, 2007 2:19 am

oops! forgot my email..

and btw... i'm part of a large theme camp called moonbass, make sure to check us out this year, gonna be BIG!!! somewhere between 20,000-40,000 watts of sound, a dj sphere on top of an actual 8ft. tall rocket skirt, multiple large domes, lazers and lighting plus custom art and many other decorations!! :shock:
see you all out on the playa!!! :D :D :D
noah d wrote:ez yall hope all is well..

I'm lookin for some camps to drop some tunes at this year :D

I'm an established DNB/Dubstep Producer, DJ and Promoter from Portland, OR. Over the last 5yrs i've played up and down the west coast from San Diego to Vancouver, BC and recently went on a US tour including stops in NY, St. Louis, Tampa, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Philly, Boston and Savannah. I've got 5 releases out (many more coming soon) on a wide variety of DNB labels that you can find in just about any record store that sells electronic music and had an interview published in last months (july) Knowledge Magazine out of the UK.

PLZ email me if any spots are available! THNX :)



Noah D started his musical career as a singer/songwriter playing multiple different instruments from guitar to didgeridoo to hand percussion and many others in between. He was first introduced to drum & bass in 1998 via the sounds of such artists as Boymerang and Photek, but didn't delve fully into the genre until 2001. Now in 2007 the name Noah D is quickly becoming "one to watch" after his tunes have smashed dance floors across the globe including such prestigious UK events as the Metalheadz monthly, Hardware at The End, Herbal and Therapy Sessions. His music has also received radio play on BBC's 1-xtra and support from the likes of Dylan, Ldouble, Skitty, Kubiks & Lomax, Silver, Mason, Evol Intent, and Reid Speed just to name a few. Besides having many solo releases slated for '07 Noah D has also been working on some exiting collaborations and remix projects with Counterstrike, Focus of Basic Operations, Mutt, Gremlinz, SPL, Eye-D, Chino and Autumn. Equipped with exclusives from many of USA's finest producers, international heavyweights and his own originals, Noah D always brings a taste of diversity and intensity mixed in a carefully crafted style that is guaranteed to create a memorable experience on the dance floor. Expect to hear a distinct blend of drum n bass sure to please even the most eclectic and discerning crowd.


Steppasoundz [008]
C.A.B.L.E. - Burning / Noah D - Soul of Sagittarius

Lost Soul [003]
A: SPL & Noah D - Revolution / B: Noah D - H.A.A.R.P.

Nemesis [007]
A: Blueberry Jam / AA: Sunset Highway

TOV [083]
"Unfinished Business Pt. 3 - The Betrayal"
A: Noah D - Murdah Style / B: TK - Headhunt / C: Jamal - Who the What? / D: Chasing Shadows - Buxom Beauty

Renegade [067]
"Soul Food Pt. 3"
A: Verse - West Wind / B: Deep Inc. - Accord / C: Phobia - Sun Rising / D: Noah D & No Thing - Love Drop

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annd the award for best actoress in a desert Wonderland goes

Post by Alchemy » Wed Aug 15, 2007 4:37 am

to Alchemy flames lover in...
Im lookin for dome script and stage play...
Im a freakish method actor
I can ne found in the postal office of BRC
if there is a playa theatre group..i need to know
got fire?

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another white boy seeking a place to play that funky music~

Post by recordplayer » Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:58 am

hey cats,

I'm a dj of 12 years, a wandering jew who has been absent from the playa for a few years, but will be lounging with the lamplighters and seeking a place to play the funky music. I'll be running around with an art car part-time, but am around if you have an open place to play. Really, take a listen to the tunes and enjoy...
My Style.[/b]
I jump between many styles, with my favorites being downtempo & midtempo, but also funky breaks and house.

Wedding tunes
[url] ... ingmix.mp3[/url]
[url] ... hewalk.mp3[/url]
[url] ... lounge.mp3[/url]

See you on the Playa

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funk/soul/hip-hop/latin (& other styles) dj available

Post by knuckles » Wed Aug 15, 2007 10:57 am

I made a separate thread for this, but I figured I'd put it here, as well. I've been playing a variety of musical styles for over 6 years, and I would love to bring some musical heat to the playa this year. Here are some links to two of the mixes I've made:

"Wild Styles" (2004)
(Salsa, hip-hop, pop, funk)

"From San Francisco to Brooklyn, pt 2" (2007)
(Soul, funk, hip-hop, some reggae, and a few surprises)

I started out playing records (these mixes were recorded with vinyl), but I've transitioned over to using Serato a few months ago. This now gives me the opportunity to play other types of music that I've collected in digital format over the years, such as breaks, drum & bass, house, salsa/Latin jazz, afrobeat, and more.

However, Serato still requires the use of two turntables, either CD or vinyl. Since I'm coming from New York, I won't be able to bring that myself, unfortunately, so I will need to have those items on hand wherever I play.

I'd love to contribute, so let me know if I can. There are lots of DJ's covering the spectrum of electronic music at Burning Man, and I know I can definitely provide some of that good organic music that you might not find elsewhere.

-- Nate

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Electro / Acid House / Techno DJ looking for some sound...

Post by kidhack » Thu Aug 16, 2007 3:08 am


Hey people of BRC. I'm a Bay Area DJ and an 8 year burner who works for "the man". I've been DJing since '96 and I'm looking for a few places to play out. My styles would be described as electro rock, dance punk, hyphy booty hop, death disco, techno crunk, industrial, acid house, indie rock remixes, 80's re-edits, and 70's mashups. I've played for wide range of clubs including DNA Lounge, Frisco Disco, Club Future, 330 Ritch, Voda Bar, Laszo Bar, my own night called Club Super Ego @ Rickshaw Stop and various other venues from New York to Thailand.

Here are some MP3 downloads of a few of my mixes: ... olis_4.mp3 ... olis_3.mp3

Other mixes and demos can be found on my website:

If you like what you hear, hit me up.


- KidHack

kidhack (at) djkidhack (dot) com



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