interested in singing/playing in a gospel choir this year?

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interested in singing/playing in a gospel choir this year?

Post by mamasaid » Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:14 am

Im Madi, I sing in acaplaya and I do a gospel choir at Burning Man. I can't have a choir though, if I don't have any singers and players...!
If you would like to give your gift of singing or playing, read on...

wed through sat, we get together for about an hour and halfish and sing. I arrange and write songs here in SF, then bring them out to the playa to hash out. Each year has been a complete miracle and the music (especially by sunday) has some very special power...

On sunday, we give a performance/service to whomever shows up. the theme this year, which is very dear to my heart, will most likely define the theme for the music and the service. we sing our asses off and our hearts out...

only requirement is for you to come if you like. No reading necessary, but I will have music if it serves you. it can be learned by ear...

I seek also drummers/percussionists, horn players, bass players, guitarists as well.

most music is in the gospel vain, but can also reach into soul, funk, choral, whatever...

here is a great way to foster live, organic music on the playa...come sing with this great gift of a choir.

more about me, if you like at:
Blessed Cecilia, appear in visions to all musicians, (including me), appear and inspire


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