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Greenessness BassNessNess

Postby DJBiggaman » Mon Jul 16, 2007 7:54 pm

DJ from south florida spin D&B-Jungle Breaks-Dubstep.Can DJ on CD's,Vinyl,Laptop but prefer Vinyl at home.Burning man makes vinyl into nice Dusty bowls with holes.Last year I used CDS and they handle good in the desert.Listen up....DJing for burners on the esplanade when the sun is coming up over the man and kids are doing cartwheels in the playa for Music the same way we do it is the most amazing thing.Bring the best music you have if you are new and remember your Demos so you can let people know who you are!There are so many talented DJ/artists I was floored.I am so ready this year so listen for the grime,the bass,and the 180 bpm hardcore nastiness flipped over onto beautiful tear jerking soulfullnessness. ... ggaMan.mp3 ... akDown.mp3 ... _J.R.Q.mp3 ... _Beats.mp3

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