Artist seeks to 25Watts of electrical power for Playa Art

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Artist seeks to 25Watts of electrical power for Playa Art

Postby Bubble Boy » 9 years ago

Hi All,
I will bring my "Blinkin' Donut" installation all the way from Switzerland.
It is 7 ft diameter donut shaped inflatible, that has rotating light patterns tru LED light wizardery inside. It looks very cool at night.
I had it up at Nowhere 07, the European regional burn in Spain.

My power requirements are 25Watts, at 110V AC or 12V DC.
I would like to do it the green way - use already existing electrical power. I PAY for gas and use, I dont want to leech.

I dont want to set up a generator only for this (I have my own generator from a previous installation).

Is there an art installation that has a generator running all day and night, where I could use about 25 Watts constantly? I would lay a cable (for 12V) to my installation, and place my installation far enough away.

Alternatively I'll use a car battery, charge it up during the day, and move it to the installation every night.

It can be close to the esplanade, no problem (so I could use power from a camp along the esplanade).

I'm an engineer, I can hook up the power, make my own wiring, etc. - so no worries from a technical point of view.

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Postby Marscrumbs » 9 years ago

The have cheap 75 inverters everywhere (ie Kmart) that plug into cigarette lighters. I have a spare if you got a 12V battery. Then how are you going to charge your battery?

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inverter and 12V battery

Postby Bubble Boy » 9 years ago

Thanks - I already have an offer from a camp on the esplanade.

I have electronics that needs 12V- so no need for a converter, but thanks anyway!


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