want to sing in a choir this year?

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want to sing in a choir this year?

Postby mamasaid » Sat Aug 04, 2007 3:02 pm


This is Madi, and there have been some updates for those of you who are interested in singing in a choir this year.

MADIS ASSEMBLAGE OF SOUL SINGERS will be meeting on Wednesday for our first rehearsal :

at 4pm
at acaplaya camp, 7:30 and Desert (NOT 4:30 and F, as stated in the calendar...) please check the computers when you get on the playa for further info...I will also place a note on the streetpost near 7:30 and D...

the rest of the rehearsals will begin at 10:45am playa time, thurs, fri, sat.

for those of you who are interested and looking for more info, here it is:

M.A.O.S.S is a group of singers and musicians who get together to learn music to perform at a playa-style sunday service. non-denomination, open to all, and you can bet it will have to do with the theme...
the music is all related to the theme as well...I am a choir director from the bay area, I sing with the glide ensemble and love to put music together with people that I either just met or have known...the experience has been super special each time, and it tends to be moved by the spirit!!

SO, if you want to balance your "oomtssommmtss-thump thump" dance-electronic-music-a-thon with organic singing in a choir, come find me, or better, email me now so I can keep you in the loop with details!


more about me:

happy prepping and hope to see you out there!!
Blessed Cecilia, appear in visions to all musicians, (including me), appear and inspire

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