Arriving early - what to expect?

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Arriving early - what to expect?

Post by Wüstling » Tue Aug 07, 2007 1:20 pm

OK, I'm signed up to help some virgins set up their art on the playa. We'll arrive on Aug 17, with early entry allowance, of course.

I've been to BM eight times before, but never that early.

I like to learn what I have to expect to work and not to work compared to the official days at BM. Is there a resource on the web about this? I can't find any, at least not on this site.

Questions that come to mind:

1. May we get in and out of the site to buy more supplies? I assume this is OK, but want to make sure.

2. Will there be any services available yet, such as ice for coolers, or even food from some community(?) kitchen?

3. Will it be all work or will there be play/party time in the evenings?

4. Will the grumpy DPW guys get on our nerves all the time, telling us that they're tougher than us? Will they bring beer at least to prove that? ;)

5. Do I basically have to plan ahead the same way as when staying only the official days, just for many more days? E.g, be fully self-sufficient, build my own shower, bring and prepare my own food, etc? Or are there some things made easier for the early arrivals?

See ya'll soon on the Playa!


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Post by Bob » Tue Aug 07, 2007 1:28 pm

Don't expect anything, lock your shit up, and leave a note on your windshield & tent flap saying who you are and why you're there.
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Post by trilobyte » Tue Aug 07, 2007 1:54 pm

Yes, you can leave the playa for supplies. No, there won't be any services. While there may be someone out there who offers you something in the way of food, the whole radical self reliance thing kind of dictates that you'll be wanting/needing to bring your own supplies.

My experiences in getting there early have been largely to work and get things done. If you've got time to party, you probably came too early. ;) Depending on the crew or the project's work schedule, you may have some time to relax here and there, or share a drink with friends, but mostly it's been a function of getting things put together and ready to go.

I've never had any bad experiences with anyone from DPW, but I've always been busy working on my own projects, and they've been taking care of their own business.



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