Unplug at the Laughing Willow

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Unplug at the Laughing Willow

Postby El Niño » Fri Aug 10, 2007 2:07 pm

Once i wanted to create a really chill camp with a beautiful spandex shade structure. It would be shaped like a Willow tree, and harbor so much smiles and laughs that it would be called the Laughing Willow. At night, all the blacklight -reactive fabric would turn into a bright-ass psychedelic landscape, and it would all be bathed in the smooth soun of some really chill ambient music, dub, jazz, brazilian tunes and all that good stuff.

The Laughing Willow will live... but so far it does not have sound.

And instead of crying about it, i thought : hey ! Let's make the best out of this , and invite all acoustic performers to show up and play. There will be carpets, inflatable furniture and a few drinks floating around, and drummer, horn players, singers, raucus-makers, will all be invited to come by and throw their energy into the fire.

The Laughing Willow will be part of B.R.A.T camp (Black Rock Arts Tribe). 3 o'clock and Grassland. Please hit me up before you go go, or just show up for shits and giggles.

Peace and clementines,
El Niño
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