cyber breakbeat dj

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cyber breakbeat dj

Post by ismist » Fri Aug 10, 2007 7:59 pm

old time veteran dj on the playa since 98.
playing breaks and dubstep.
give me a rca hookup and will rock your camp.
play daily at Happy Camp, home of fresh mimosas. 4:20 and Boreal

latest mix here ... H%2007.mp3

Freeflow 45 - Inside
bass kleph - coup detat
maelstrom - disto funk
bitrok - digital rhythm
Majool - Make Funk Original Mix
beat assassins - bounce
brothers bud vs thc - yap yap
strider - phazers on stun
beat assassins - bepob aloola
dj mutiny - soul runner(superstyle deluxe remix)
groove allegiance - rolands revenge(hexidecimal remix)
j mekka - whats going on
bitrok - groovin (drumattic twins remi
prodigy - girls (rogue element remix)
napt - its over
majool - postive thinking
beat assassins - keeping it jiggy
circuit breaker - still got the funk
robosapiens and break the box - summer rolls
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