Animals! Come drink Rose and Sake with THE Giraffes!

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Animals! Come drink Rose and Sake with THE Giraffes!

Postby schmoyfriend » 9 years ago

Serving Rose and Sake to the animals of the playa...

Rose/ Sake Watering Hole
Wed and Thurs
4:30 - 6:30

The Arctic Ice Caps are melting... come to Arctic and 4ish and look for 2 domes and Night Juice (dark silver caddy with dj booth on top). Animals have to stick together when the waters start to rise....
Arctic scientists will make sure that you have a safe place to be while keeping you watered and entertained - visuals, djs and chill space.

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Postby trilobyte » 9 years ago

Hooray for the giraffes!!!


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wide eyed

Postby thirt33n » 9 years ago

...are we safe from BRC Animal Control????
...Is this a set up????

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Postby fierysage » 9 years ago

wish my giraffes (Nubbins and Master) and I could have made it...

giraffes are the good aliens after all...


(and if you haven't seen the book, google "Giraffes? Giraffes!" ... freakin' hilarious and wonder-filled for giraffe-o-philes

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