missed connecection friday night el cirque 2:00 & E

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missed connecection friday night el cirque 2:00 & E

Post by schousehead » Mon Sep 03, 2007 6:58 pm

I have to give thanks to the glitch mob for providing the tracks that let my body relax into a groove which
healed my soul
I had one of those dancing visions
where kindred spirits meet on the dance floor and work out all the moves
I met this one dancer who seemed to know all my moves and was able to take those moves to new dimensions
for the longest time in my dance practice I have imagined someone being on the other side of the mirror (when im watching myself dance at a studio)
and last friday I met that soul name and place aside
we shared similiar hairstyles (corn rows)
but alas contact information was not shared
and currently Im organizing a dance company (so if your that person who danced friday night at el cirque hit me up)
basically, if we can gather together 5 to 10 talented loving dancers from mixed backgrounds
I already have the connections for performing in differen t spaces

its wonderful how music is a constant reminder of the goodness that is spreading between people
continually i am grateful :0 :roll:


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