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teaching artists / educators

Post by zyxy » Sun May 20, 2007 6:23 pm

hello. i'm a freelance educator here in nyc. i've been seeking a scene which may not exist, but i figure that's what e-playa is here for, right? i hope this works ...

i'm looking for cutting-edge educators. i'm not talking about yoga teachers or performance artists; i'm talking about math teachers, literacy teachers, physical education, dance education, music education, etc. for children.

i create academic lessons, educational activities, and socialization games, and i like doing stuff which is basically children's installation art. i've found resources for educational policy/pedagogy/advocacy/research/blahblah but not real practical/professional development/lesson planning/networking for actual educators.

i missed 2006, but i did trampline and gymnastics games in kidville in 2005-2006.

of course i can continue to do stuff on my own but i'd love to get together with some passionate teaching artists ...

thank you sincerely


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