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--==BLACK ROCK BEACON 2007==--

Postby Mitch » Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:10 am

Announcing, the Black Rock Beacon, Volume III.

Yes, Burners, we’re coming back for our third year, bringing news, views and pork-related trivia to Black Rock City. The Black Rock Beacon is an independent daily newspaper and an associated website ( http://www.blackrockbeacon.org ) written by and for the Burning Man community.

Our 2006 (and 2005) archives are on-line, check them out at


We’re planning five or six issues for this year, with several thousand copies of each. What will determine how many days and how many copies is YOU, fellow Burners.

For one thing, we need some volunteers. We're looking for staffers at all levels, but we especially need on-Playa reporters and production people (we produce and print the Beacon in Black Rock City). See our volunteer page at


By the way, we're a theme camp as well. We'll probably have some space if you need a place to camp, but we're only open to people who are working for us. That includes people who want to help out with the camp itself as well as the newspaper.

If you like the Beacon and want to help keep us going, we could use your small but heartfelt donations. To make it interesting -- and Playa-y -- we’re raffling off a one-year membership in the Bacon of the Month club. Each month, starting in October, the winner will get a pound of bacon from a different artisanal producer. There’s also a t-shirt, a pen (it’s a pig-pen), and an adorable little pig eraser. We’ll hold a drawing on the Playa, if the response is overwhelming before the start of August, we’ll add a second prize so that your odds of winning will never be less than 1.5%. Bacon of the Month Club will only ship to the United States, but it makes a great gift to your American friends if you live overseas (or are a vegan).

Donations must be in multiples of $10. The raffle runs through August 22. See our web page at


for details. All money raised will go to increasing the number of copies we print each day and possibly publishing on additional days.

Thanks for your support! We look forward to serving Black Rock City in 2007 and for many years to come.

Lux. Veritas. Lardum.

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