Comfort & Joy is building a PINK GYM!

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Comfort & Joy is building a PINK GYM!

Postby kitten_sf » Thu Jul 12, 2007 5:11 pm

Yes, you heard right... this year Comfort & Joy intends to add a discofied Pink Gym to our playa facilities. We think this will be a fabulous addition to our salon services, yoga classes, art installations and event venue space.

We plan on decorating the Gym entirely in glam rock pink with glittery rhinestone details, including the equipment. Why? Well, traditional gyms are bastions of butchness... and we love to play with gender and masculinity issues at Comfort & Joy.

Seriously, gyms can be intimidating environments for many people, who may feel pressure to conform to "frat boy" gender expectations when they work out. We intend to turn those issues inside out with a pink gym, while providing a great resource for people interested in exercising on the playa.

And Comfort & Joy is the perfect space. Where else can you get a facial or paint your nails after working out? Frankly, more gyms need spa services... and that's exactly the magic we intend to make.

So...want to help create a glamorous workout space?

Here's how you can help!

-----------------> PINK GYM STAFF WANTED

Are you friendly, and love mentoring/training people? We're looking for volunteers to hang out in our new gym, welcome people, answer questions, and show them how to use the equipment properly.

We're especially interested in finding people who can lead a workshop or two about exercise... for example, "Freeweights for Faggots" or something similar. Contact us if you'd like to help!


For starters, we are looking for a bench, bar & plates for presses,
plus free weights in a variety of sizes. Any other equipment is welcome as well. Please contact us if you can donate anything, or would like to help us look for donations on craigslist, etc.


Since weights are heavy & difficult to transport, we are hoping to split the burden among multiple vehicles. If you can take some plates or pieces of equipment, let us know!


We intend to advertise the Pink Gym with an ambiguously butch marketing campaign. It will be amusing to see how many DPW & Death Guild types come by to lift some pink weights. Our prediction is that half of them will turn around & walk out the door... and the other half will shrug & just work out. Want to help create some PINK GYM posters for Playa Info in center camp, etc? Or perhaps some "how to" tips in poster format to hang in the gym? We're open to your ideas. Contact us!


Want to help upholster a bench press in pink vinyl?
Paint free weights & add rhinestones?
Or perhaps help us make a simple tent structure more glamorous?
Yes, we can use your help!


If you want to be a part of Comfort & Joy's PINK GYM project in any way, shape or form, contact Kitten at " " or 415.430.7327


About Comfort & Joy.....

We are a queer arts collective based in San Francisco, returning to the playa for our 6th year this summer. Comfort & Joy offers restorative salon services, informative workshops, celebratory events, yoga classes, art installations and a cheerful, welcoming environment day or night.

For more information, visit us online:


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