Public question for BORG on Placement/Sound Policy

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Post by Player » Fri Oct 05, 2007 5:09 am

trilobyte wrote:I don't mean to revive the whole debate, I just wanted to post my experience from the playa this year. My camp (Eridu) was directly across the street from Outpost 23 this year. Our experience was that they were awesome and respectful. As they'd stated with their camp application this year they were taking the big sound mobile. All they had at camp in the way of music was a small system that ran during daytime hours. The O23 campers were friendly and sociable and cool, helped make for a nice neighborhood.

Great! I'm so glad I was able to make your burn. Your story would have been entirely different in '06. I am truly glad for them and for you.

As for "reviving" the thread - that's cool. Gave those guys like Pyscho and VDS another chance to spout their venom at me - nice to know they care so much. I thought I'd peek at this old thread one more time to see if I was flamed anymore by people who write without reading the entire thread they are replying to. I see those folks are still sitting at their terminals, waiting to cyber-pounce. Good job, guys! :roll:
retropsycho wrote: FINALLY an admission that sound-wise, the back side of the esplanade block isn't for you.
It sure took awhile, but you got there.
Well, yes, we are careful now to carefully scout out the territory around us now to ensure there are no 4000 watt systems going in next to our heads before we settle in. That's no admission of a damn thing, okay? But hey, thanks, Psycho, for all your snide remarks throughout all this.

I still believe that any back neighborhood from the first street on back should be without huge large sound after 3am. That was, is, and remains my point. It isn't "self-centered," VDS!!! It is my attempt to help this community grow and evolve. I believe most people agreed with me. Only guys like you who feed off writing rude remarks to others make it seem otherwise. I would so love to see you go through what we endured. It's just so easy to sit at your computers and write that crap without having experienced what we went through.

Our decision to not camp or work with any theme camps along the esplanade is not indicative of any "admission" but a realization that there are people who don't care how they tread on the experience of others. If you are really, really, really careful, you can avoid most of them. This is the reality of BRC now. And, yes, after eleven burns, we are still learning new things. And we continue to work to help enhance the experience of others, rather than find ways to attack them.
thisisthatwhichis wrote:Player.... Dude..... If ya get close to any theme camps, Esplanade, or the outer edge of the circle...... Ya hafta expect LOUD interactivity...... WTF, Dude.... Go kamp at Z and 7:30, or Gerlach...... This is stupid...........
That was such a brilliant post! But that post is a reminder that this could be the mentality of your neighbor anywhere in BRC - "you don't like how I am assaulting you? Well, duh - I think you're thtupid." So it is quite important to be wary of who are close to your campsite. And that is part of my new advice to anyone heading out to BRC. Know your neighbors and find out all you can of what their plans are ASAP.

~ Player

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Post by Burner till death » Fri Oct 05, 2007 8:36 am

i love loud music - but also need to sleep. Loud sounds should be expected in loud sound zones. Pretty simple philosophy me thinks.


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