Mandarin Speaker Needed

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Mandarin Speaker Needed

Post by Clar-i-ty » Fri Aug 24, 2007 11:43 am

Greetings BRC Community,

A Burning Man miracle has happened! I managed to get both my kids on independent study so we can attend the entire week. HOORAY!

So, language arts, middle school biology, pre-Algebra I can handle. But my son is in a Mandarin program and will have to cover an entire section on his own that includes vocabulary for restaurants and some grammar. Sadly, this is not one of the languages I speak. So, anyone who can help, please stop by and see us at Hot Monkey Sox Camp at Estuary and 5:30. Your gift of language would be so appreciated, and it would be absolutely great if he could go back and really ace that test!

See you in 3 days!


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Post by theCryptofishist » Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:22 pm

are you the person on tribe who wanted to speak manderin? If not, maybe you should go to then to the burningman tribe and find that post.
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