Skinny Kitty Teahouse: not nice.

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Post by Dork » Thu Sep 20, 2007 5:31 pm

One funny thing about art cars is how quickly some people start acting like they own the damn thing. They're on it for 5 minutes and suddenly they're the spokesman for the car, telling new passengers how it was built, where it's going to go, whether they can get on, etc. Even the driver might just be some random campmate of the owner who doesn't quite understand the rules. As with most things on the playa, don't take it personally. You usually have no idea who you're actually talking to or what BS they've had to deal with that might have put them in a bad mood.

And please don't be shy about trying to get a ride just because you got blocked from one car. Please keep trying! Most of us bring the cars because we want to give people rides. I may be overloaded the first time you see me, but I'd love to meet you the next time we cross paths if there's room.

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Rev. Trigger
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Post by Rev. Trigger » Wed Oct 03, 2007 11:42 pm

I was camped nearby the Skinny Kitty Teahouse (4:30 & Landfill) They were my halfway stop to rest and enjoy some tea every other night on my way home. While the majority of my experience with them was pleasent, one night (can't say for sure which night it was) I walked off with my tea and sat down on a couch by a small barrel burning with fire (right next to the dome towards outter ring). There wasn't anyone sitting there and it was right out in the open, so I quietly sat down and smiled and enjoyed my tea for a moment. After a few minutes, one girl, blonde w/crimpy hair sat down with 3 other people & started talking about how annoyed she was with random people coming into the camp and thinking they can just sit on the couch and enjoy the fire, all the while glarring at me. I laughed it off and took a few more sipps of my tea and dumped into the fire as I left.

It didn't bother me that it may have been a "private" spot, but you know, there is this lovely thing called tact and politeness. She could have easily just informed me nicely and asked me to leave, and I would have.
Not really a big deal, but I find it interesting that others had bad/unpleasent experiences with them.

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Post by barnz » Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:34 am

Rev. Trigger wrote: ...I laughed it off ...
I'm reminded of my own experience in my own camp (MonkeyFresh at 3:45 and Freshwater for those of you scoring at home :) ). We were a much bigger camp than last year (30 peeps up from 10, with an enormous Blue/Black/Yellow shade structure). There was lots of work to do, so I didn't venture away from home much, and let "the burn" come to me.

While we were not a "theme camp" we were quite visually imposing to those who came down our block, and lots of people wandered in, and essentially ordered drinks. I found this very odd, and frankly it bothered me. But I decided to honor the requests I was given - if someone asked me for something and I had it, I would give it to them. (On the other hand if they came and waited at our bar area while we were relaxing on the sofa, they could just go on standing there.) Eventually I realized that explicitly or not, we had invited all of these people, and I was glad they came, and very glad that I hadn't shot my trap off the first time someone displayed "radical self entitlement."

I guess what I'm saying is that while I can relate to the feelings that "host" :roll: was having, I'm glad that I got the opportunity to recognize, as I believe Rev. Trigger did, that we're all in charge of our experience.
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Post by revjim » Mon Oct 15, 2007 6:50 pm

rev Trigger when you walked to the couch by the fire, you were sitting at our neighbors couch. All of our campers were super nice, except Zach.
Rev Jim


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