Did anyone ride Martini a gogo??? Tell your story!!!

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Did anyone ride Martini a gogo??? Tell your story!!!

Post by frmn » Sat Nov 17, 2007 8:17 pm

[color=blue][size=18] :P I was part of the Martini a GOGO camp!!! It was great fun and a lot of work!! Maybe too much work.....? I have mixed feelings about building another HUGE artcar. Was it worth it for everyone? Please tell me your story about it! My camp and I could use any feed back and ideas that might make it better! Thanks![/size][/color][/b]

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YES, THANK YOU for all the work you did

Post by sensi63 » Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:53 pm

I had a big chunk of a wonderful night on Martini A Go Go. I am sure it was a tremendous committment in terms of time, money and effort. I don't know how to put my experiences into words, the feeling was so wonderful and welcoming. Obviously what follows might describe what happened in terms of details, but does not describe the sense of joy and freedom and happiness I felt while dancing, talking and experiencing what the float/party bus had to offer.
I got aboard around midnite on the playa, I was alone, this was my first burn and I was somewhat surprised at how raucous the party was. At one point the DJ said something about rocking the party until the vehicle broke! A responsible but very nice guy climbed up to the DJ and had to say, "No, please don't destroy the truck, don't listen to the DJ" People were having so much fun, they might have gotten carried away with the DJ's words. I remember thinking, wow, this is alot of work that alot of people put in to make this thing happen, they are awesome. I remember a guy with a tattoo of a playing card on his calf, and that he was working really hard, but also that he had a really positive attitude. I talked to a guy from New Zealand, it was his first burn too, we laughed and smiled and shared the gratitude and sense of joy we felt at experiencing something so fun. The bartenders were super nice. I asked for a cranberry juice only, they gave me a cranberry and vodka. Even though I don't normally drink alcohol, I thought, shit, I am on Martini-a go go, wtf, and I did drink that night. I stood in front of the car, where there was a stripper pole. I engaged in conversation with a really nice guy from Vegas, who was there with his girlfriend and another beautiful woman. He shared with me how his girlfriend had gifted him with a threesome the month earlier. His girlfriend and her female friend later went and danced on the stripper pole in front of the vehicle, where she flashed her boyfriend and me by lifting her skirt and showing us her beautiful shaved pussy. It was all in a spirit of fun and sharing and joy, sexual perhaps but in what was to me was a beautiful playful joyous way. I danced some more, the artcar stopped, bathroom break, and when we went out again the beautiful woman resumed dancing with her beautiful friend, this time with a strap on dildo under her skirt! I laughed with delight. Again, it was sexual but playful. I spoke to more nice people, and then it was announced that the art car was heading out to the deep playa until dawn. Many people exited, I stayed on board, and a really nice cute guy who was very intoxicated started flirting with me. I am not gay, and was very nice to him, but took that as a cue to make my exit as well. I felt a little bad that I did not favor him with a kiss just for his efforts, but I was in a slightly intoxicated state of mind and just did not think of it at the time. I walked down the stairs and exited the moving car gracefully, and wandered across the playa where I again encounted the people from vegas and their strap on , but that is another story. I also have a memory of a Rod Stewart song playing as we cruised out towards the deep playa.

Look, this was one experience amongst many at the festival that up to this point, has changed my life for the better in many different ways. I am eternally grateful for the hospitality you provided, for the drinks, the music, the space, the stripper pole and the people who obivously did so much work to create something so wonderful and fun. I got aboard thursday night as well, the party seemed to be similarly raucous, but since I was with a companion this time, I availed myself of the comfortable cushions and made out for awhile. If you choose to repeat your efforts, god bless you, know that you create joy for many people with the things you do. If not, I appreciate that to do this amount of work in some ways saddles you with a great deal of responsibility which in some ways might prevent you from experiencing all the other wonderful things the festival has to offer. I don't know, its obviously up to you, but wow, I am really grateful for all that you and your crew provided. If you have somesort of contact infor, let me know, I will send you a bottle of vodka or something in addition to my heartfelt eternal gratitude for experiences and memories I will remember until I die or go senile or demented in my late 90s hopefully.

Bless you all

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Post by DJ Dominus » Mon Nov 26, 2007 8:53 pm

Martini Agogo were our neighbors for the week. Awesome people. Camp Midwest Mayhem sends our regards. See yah next year mates!

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Post by tesstessi » Tue Nov 27, 2007 6:13 am

I didn't see get a chance to jump on the this, but every time I saw it drive by I got a big smile on my face, and everyone seemed to be having a very, very good time :)

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Post by GREENPENIS » Wed Nov 28, 2007 5:49 pm

Who's got a pic ?
there were a lot of artcars out there.
I might have ridden it ..................... :?:
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