Need space to build an art car

White Rabbit
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Need space to build an art car

Postby White Rabbit » 8 years ago

any where in the western states, prefferably in OR. CA. NV. AZ. need a place to park a 35' bus. I can provide my own power but will be staying in bus while I work on the outside art. Big project and a lot to do before the june 30th deadline for preregistration. Much thanks to anyone who can help. :D

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Postby wedeliver » 8 years ago

We are trying to get some art to build a space car. Perhaps we can collaborate. 35acres with power/water...
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Postby oneeyeddick » 8 years ago

Don't panic on the deadline.
You don't have to take a picture of it to register it.
You should try to register your plans as early as possible,
this lightens the load of the on the DMV made by everyone
who waits until the last couple of weeks to register.
It can also work to your advantage by allowing you to make iprovements and apply again if they deny you the first time.
If you wait, then your possible denial or approval will be your only shot.
We have an obligation to make space for everyone, we have no obligation to make that space pleasant.

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Postby CapSmashy » 8 years ago

I have space in Texas... but that's probably a little far for ya.

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