Volunteer carpenter needed

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Volunteer carpenter needed

Postby Bummersculpture » Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:34 pm

Hi there,

The "Bummer" project is well under way but we came across a hitch today with one of our lead carpenters dropping out. We are therefore short a pair of skilled hands and are looking for another motivated fun loving person to take his place. Our crew already rocks so this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join our possie and experience what happens the few weeks prior to the burn. It's an incredibly powerful feeling to be some of the first people on the playa and see the event grow.

We will be arriving in Reno Aug 10 and BRC around the 12th of August and will be there until Sept 2nd. Even a few days committment would help us out a great deal right now. We can provide food, shelter and a free ticket.




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