Call for Entertainers!

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Call for Entertainers!

Postby Toma8 » 8 years ago

Call for Entertainers!

Come help us entertain at Home! Home Camp will be our Burning Man installation this year - it is a 3000 sq. foot, pre-turn of the century Victorian period v. Steampunk ( themed chill space on the esplanade. We are turning this large tented space into a dream Victorian home for lush lounging, chilling, entertaining and more.

Whimsy. Flights of fancy. Slights of hand. Lace and laughter. Bears on bikes. Contortionists. Midgets in petticoats and juggling unicyclers. Spontaneous performance artists, mimes, gymnasts and illusionists - we need your skills. We need your help. We are looking for creative performers of all kinds to provide escapes from the norm, however large or small.

This will be an incredibly cool plush chill space for non-primetime performance and art. If what you do is fun to watch, interact with, listen to, or if it teases up the audiences sensibilities, we want to hear from you.


for more information or to pass along your info (who you are / what you do), a web site, demo, images, etc.

your friends at )^(ome Camp

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Postby Sand_man » 8 years ago

I'm picturing a sort of classical vaudevillian theater type place. Sounds groovy.

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