Speakers Needed

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Speakers Needed

Post by spacetastic » Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:05 pm

Hi All,

My camp, Comfort & Joy (http://www.playajoy.org) is in need of some speakers. We are hoping that we can borrow them from someone rather than buy them, but we plan to have dance parties in our gigantic circus tents every night and we will do what is necessary to make it happen. We already have some sound equipment available to us, but we need more. Specifically, we need a set of 15" PA speakers that can handle 300 watts or so. If you have any PA equipment that you could part with for a week, let's talk---->space@playajoy.org

Comfort & Joy is an arts collective dedicated to promoting queer culture, expression, self-actualization and community by acting as a mutual-support society for our members, producing art installations & organizing special events. We are active year-round in the San Francisco Bay Area and as a “theme campâ€



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