DOOKIE DOODLE Is looking for stages

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DOOKIE DOODLE Is looking for stages

Postby DOOK MAGNUS » Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:59 pm

We are the one and only Dookie Doodle! We are a six piece Irreverent Novelty Metal band... we got way more fucking awesome for 08' and we are ready to rawk stages across the playa!!!!!! If you are irreverent, love humor and are ready to rawk the fuck out we are your ticket to a one of a kind event in your camp!!!!! With songs like, "Bill His Dog and peanut Butter", "monster Truck" and "rainbows are People too" how can you go wrong???!!!!!
We will also be perform in our theme camp "Shaweet and Noice" throughout the event. we are hoasting a "Dookie doodle and friends" party on wed. afternoon/eve... look out for us because our great friends Baby Seal Club, Jamas's improv reactionary legion of shwirl, and a kick ass samba troop will be performing (stick around late night as we host the american dream's own Home-cumming dance!!!). Stilt walkers please come by for a drink @ our stilt bar!!!
We also do crazy ass improv jams daily, so come on by and jam w/ us!!! (we play other stuff besides comedy metal when we jam, but it still usually has humor involved, rock, funk, etc.).
so stopon by and drink some "monster shot" w/ a group of playa twak jobs w/ some of the shweetest and noiceest hijix and antics around!
And then Bring the 2nd best Bland on the Playa (looks Like Cury won't be at the American dream, so we are the best bland on the playa fer 08') to your camp, add booze and git ready to rawk out amerkin style!!!!!
Doookie Doodle + your camps' Stage= aural sensations for fecailfeliacs!!!!

from the members of DOoKIe DoODellle!!!!
~Dook MAgnus (Gtr, Bass, Lead Vox)
~MAJOR VD (drums, Vox)
~Rimjob Rohnda (Gtr, Bass, Vox, & shaweet Moves)
~Randy Loads (lead gtr. Vox, and body painting)
~Gunter Vonb AssFArt (Samples & German accent)
~Chicken Little (Percussion, imrov. Lyrical madness, and noise)

If your are interested hit me up @ and I'll send you some MP3's!!!!


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