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Burning Man Labyrinth project.

CIRCULATION is a one hundred foot diameter labyrinth on the playa at Burning Man 2008, which will provide the opportunity for 2500 people to contribute artwork which they do during the week of the event.
Camp Rehab has collected more than 3000 plywood discs and an extensive variety of artists materials, which will be available during Burning Man for attendees to express their creativity. The discs will be placed along the sides of the pathways which form the labyrinth.

Camp Rehab is raising funds to transport this project with a


Sebastopol FLEA MARKET
hwy 116, just South of Bloomfield

August 9th &10th

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PLEASE HELP!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

* Bring something to contribute and sell!

* Buy something!

* Make a donation!
`~ at the sale;
~ by Paypal at;
~ or snail mail to CIRCULATION, 320 South Brush Street , Graton , 95444)

* If you have items of worth to which you would like to give a new life , call me at 707-479-1570, to talk about possible pick-up, or call me anyway and drop them off at the above address before next weekend.
* Also, We want to have as large a supply as possible of artists brushes, paints, crayons etc. call me if you have some you could give.

THANKS!!!!!! PHYXX[img][/img]


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