Burning Sam Parade - wants YOu and a marching Band

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Burning Sam Parade - wants YOu and a marching Band

Post by stormfeather » Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:41 pm

Burning Sam Parade
We'd love to have a marching band join us
All are welcome

Burning Sam Camp will be located at Center Camp (next door to the Bomb Bay Tea Company)
Corsair and 5:30
Gather 5:00 , parade at 6:00
We'd love to have you join our parade!
We are in the Who, What, Where.

Join in celebrating the American Dream! (or Nightmare!!)
Dreamy Burning "Uncle Sam" will lead this Mardi-Gras style parade!

On the Playa
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
5 pm gather at Burning Sam Camp
Parade starts promptly at 6pm.
Liquid Apple Pie and tea served at the end

Calling everyone named Sam, friends of Sam, donkeys, elephants, George and Martha, Lady Liberty, Red Glare, Rocketts, Ben Franklin, Columbia, Brother Jonathon, red states, blue states, Betsey Ross, eagles, doves, Yankee Doodle and the horse he rode in on...
ALL are all welcome!

Wear your Red, White and Blue Sparklies!
Musicians and noise makers highly encouraged.

Noise makers, picket signs, Red, White & Blue bunting, flags, tinsel, sparkly stuff, your fancy self
Camp Sietch Grabrear & Shai-Hulud MV
6:00 and Fossil 2009

The Spice Must Flow!


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