Miss Black Rock City 2008

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Miss Black Rock City 2008

Post by MBRC » Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:47 pm

THE MISS BLACK ROCK CITY PROJECT: Taking beauty out of the hands of corporate America

.... is proud to announce the 2008 Pageant of Self Proclaimed Beauties!

Thursday, 4pm-530pm
AutoSub/Hive Village: Esplanade & 8:30

Represent your village, your camp, your art, your tent, or just yourself! Participants (open to all men + women) will reveal their unique inner beauty in these three categories: 1) Your Playa Style 2) Two Minute Talent Competition: No rules, everyone has a talent be it a stupid party trick or a fine art! and 3) Interview: Do they do it for world peace, the children, or for the puppies? All finalists are beautiful and everyone wins by participating. Fabulous gifts include custom handmade tiaras and the Miss Black Rock City sash. Hosted by SuzQ.

NOTE: No Beauty pageant is fair, bribes are encouraged. Participate for fun, rather than play to win!

The MBRC Project has been producing events on-playa, around the USA, and Spain since 2004. Check out the Miss Black Rock City website for photos, our theme song, and info on past events. http://missblackrockcity.com

Check out the MBRC Tribe http://MBRC.tribe.net for MBRC Project events, weird pageant links, and unsolicited pageant commentary.

Pictured here: Miss Apocalypse 2006 wrestles an audience member for her talent exhibition. Photo by Ryan Hayes

Miss Black Rock City - The Self-Proclaimed Beauty Queen


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