Drummer for hire!

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Drummer for hire!

Post by vargaso » Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:29 am

Look, I included an exclamation point, so you know I ROCK!!

Seriously though, I'll be out there Wed afternoon, and I'm willing to bring the beat to anyone who needs it. I can bring my funky old Gretsch set if you let me know by Tues., or I can play on whatever you've got. I'm down with anything but jazz (love it, but can't play it), and would really like to play alongside a DJ. I mostly can lay down the funk, with some deviations into unproven musical realms, while always keeping the beat and leading you all back to the bridge. You may also be interested in my ability to engage in a nuanced political discussion as the need arises. Also, I have my CPR card should someone in the vicinity need reviving due to the intense musical stylings emanating from these hands.

I'm JD. Let me know. Can't fucking wait to get out there again!!


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