EVOLUTION theme ART CAR ideas!

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EVOLUTION theme ART CAR ideas!

Postby sktELEMENT » Thu Sep 04, 2008 12:08 am

Hey Everyone! Bought a brand new 150cc two passenger Dune buggy/go cart that I am...evolving...into a mutant vehicle...Anyone have ideas? I have 80 feet of yellow EL wire and maybe a 1000 dollar budget...It has an alternator so it charges.

Any art ideas or advice would be Awesome, I do want to make it theme related if possible

(I think I want to make it tow a small couch so I can carry 4 peeps)

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Postby falk » Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:58 am

Start going through magazines and science journals for ideas.

Choose something from natural history that doesn't exist any more, like a trilobite (or better yet a coleocanth which people thought didn't exist any more but turns out it does). Choose something unique and strange, not lame like a dinosaur. Render it beautifully in multi-color EL-wire.

Illustrate evolution with a sequencer on your EL wire and have your art car recapitulate phylogeny.

Do an animation of an ape evolving into a human with a spear, then a briefcase, and then the Man.

Ignore everything I just said and look for ideas from within instead of from EPlaya. Executing someone else's ideas is craft. Executing your own ideas is what makes it art.

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