Putt-Putt Playa

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Putt-Putt Playa

Post by Hedy » Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:07 pm

Howdy! We are gearing up to bring back Putt-Putt Playa back to BRC for 08. Did you stop by and play in '07 at 8:00 & Esplanade? Did you like? Wanted to see something there, but didn't? I'd love to hear : )


XO - Hedy

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Post by motskyroonmatick » Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:28 pm

I admired the putt-putt while passing but did not play. I sure do love your video pieces that you have on u-tube. Very well done!!
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Post by Hedy » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:13 am

Awww - thanks : ) Glad you found & enjoyed them!

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Post by BitterDan » Thu Dec 13, 2007 10:54 am

How I missed this after my 10,000 'trips' around the esplanade, I don't know.
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Post by sattelite5812 » Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:50 pm

Ha ha, I made at least that many trips around the playa, and I'm [i]still[/i] finding out about things I somehow missed.

Putt-putt playa was not one of those things that was missed though... I'm not normally big on golf or mini golf, but my friend convinced me to play, and we had a great time! I'd be happy to see it back in '08.

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Post by ibdave » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:01 pm

Putt- Putt??? Fuck I thought it was a driving range..... 8) 8) 8)
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Post by undeclared » Wed Dec 26, 2007 3:17 pm

I got a chance to play it and it was fun for sure. however not everything seemed to work, which I guess was more based on power consumption issues but overall it was fun.

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Post by rane » Wed Dec 26, 2007 6:24 pm

buy the ticket. take the ride.

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Post by mdmf007 » Thu Dec 27, 2007 10:26 am

I had fun puttputting, bowling, and played pool. (impossible in a wind storm)

regardless had a blast whoever drug it out - thanks.

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Post by amethyst8971 » Sat Dec 29, 2007 1:44 pm

As I was so happily discussing with a friend and fellow burner last night, Putt Putt was one of the things I enjoyed the most this last year. My boy and I played one afternoon, and while I lost...it was a blast. Look forward to playing again. :)

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Post by tinkereese13 » Sun Jan 13, 2008 9:21 pm

:D Hey thanks for the putt putt. My daughter and I played a couple rounds and it was a blast. she enjoyed every minute. Thanks!!
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Post by CapSmashy » Mon Jan 14, 2008 7:15 am

WOOT! Putt Putt rules. :D

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Post by plowman » Wed Jan 16, 2008 4:15 pm

I played on your course last year and had a blast!! a club house would be a nice touch

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Post by apples » Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:51 pm

was not in BRC in 07, but can't wait to get my putt-putt on this year!!!

alaska burners
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Just wanted to say thank you

Post by alaska burners » Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:45 am

The coldest PBR I have ever had in my life was granted to me for a hole in one. Can not wait to play again.
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Loved putt putt!

Post by Playadreamz » Sun May 18, 2008 12:44 pm

Especially the freaky revolving thingy that made the mushrooms grow. :shock:
Would have loved to have a bit more shade by at least a few holes - cause it's a great thing to do during the day!
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Post by gyre » Sun May 18, 2008 7:33 pm

I presume you had playa type obstacles?
The man? police art cars moving? erratic jets of flame would be nice?
How about unlit tiny morons 'stepping' in front of the ball?
How about a tiny loud camp shaking your ball off course?

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City of Dreams Mini Golf

Post by elijacob » Thu Aug 07, 2008 6:46 pm

Glad to see some putt putt brethren and sistren.
We created City of Dreams Mini Golf, a nine-hole mini golf course out on Governor's Island in NYC this year for FIGMENT.

I'm excited to see Putt Putt Playa this year!!! (and if you're in NYC, please come see City of Dreams!)

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Post by Gage » Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:44 pm

#834 thing-to-do when I get to the Playa.

*insert noob sarcasm here* :D

lol, seriously though, I wanna play!!
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Post by Token » Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:00 pm

How much for the caddy and golf cart rental?

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Post by willyloafofphora » Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:48 pm

I missed it last year but it sounds like fun. As for suggestions, if you could bring a giant pool with bumper boats you would be the coolest camp ever.
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Post by AntiM » Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:14 am

I really must thank Putt-Putt Glof for hosting the Buckys this year. We;'d planned to move them to a new home each night, but with the winds and the bumpy terrain, it was not to be. However, the Nuptial Party spent the week next to the Chapel on hole number um, seven. Seven?

Thank you so much for Bucky's new putter. I wish I'd kept his golf shoes!

I do have the right putt-putt don't I?

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Post by Hedy » Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:24 am

Hello AntiM : )

Thank you so much for bringing the nuptial party to our camp. We were honored to have Bucky grace the Chapel Hole all week - people loved it!

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Post by jessisandi » Fri Sep 05, 2008 8:42 pm

puttt putt was one of my highlights from my burn in 08

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Post by Mosin » Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:02 pm

Are we talkin' the Glof that comes with a saint named Psylly Psymon? If so, loved the Glof in 07 and 08, and eternally indebted for the DVDs!!

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Post by JezebelinHell » Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:54 am

We all played the full round on Thursday night. It was a blast.
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