Do I need to register a golf cart with DMV?

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Post by BRC_Santa2003 » Sat Apr 19, 2008 7:40 pm

I bought a trailer to transport mine.

You could rent a 5x8 open-air trailer from U-Haul for the cart and your gear.

Should be an easy clean up after the burn at a carwash.

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Post by oleg8888 » Mon Apr 21, 2008 5:26 pm

AntiM wrote:I saw you! Kewl. Did the flowers moop?
Thanks :D
.. you mean did flowers MOPed?
we picked up some, but a few probably were blown away
theCryptofishist wrote:I'm tempted to get one. But damned how I'd get it to the playa...
... Do what we did
Find a car trailer on craigslist - those are the strongest a have low clearance. Look for good and least $$$$. You can always sell it back for same $$ :idea:

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Post by Rat Bastard » Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:43 pm

Go big or leave it at home. There are far too many golf carts out there. Not including the staff and handicapped carts.




(of course I had to throw mine in there)

If it has a motor and a seat, it needs a license.

In the example of the cart shown earlier in this thread, with the pretty girls in flourecent outfits you can see that it does not resemble the base vehicle. They also get props for having room for more then two people.

Do not buy a golf cart and cover it with fur and expect to get a license. Do not make an "art car" (car with art applied to it) and expect it to get licensed. Granted, all this could have been noticed and read HERE

The keyword about "art carts" is RADICALLY MUTATED. Modified, recreated, not normal, not seen on the road, not street legal, whimsicle, sureal. Hence why the DMV is not called DAC (Dept of Art Carts). It stands for Department of Mutant Vehicles. And they get requests from hundreds of people wanting to bring their "artcar" to BM. Hundreds get accepted and hundreds get denied.

If your not going to hack it up, completely cover it, morph it or mutate the shit out of it. Don't even apply. Save it for the town parade.

The DMV has spent a lot of time and energy (volunteer time, no pay) creating a system to limit thousands of people from driving all over the playa in a just and fair manner. Here is an excellent set of photos and essays that will explain everything and anything you wanted to know about Mutant Vehicles at Burning Man that may not be included on the DMV page of the BM site.

Mutant Vehicle Facts and Fiction

I urge everyone to read through this. It was created not only for the DMV and the DMV Hotties but for MV builders/owners and anyone that has a genuine interest in MVs at BM. Enjoy
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Post by gyre » Wed Apr 30, 2008 2:35 am

Some of the most beautiful art cars are very tiny.
Take the body off the cart and start thinking about it.
"Everything is more wonderful when you do it with a car, don't you think?"
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Post by Rat Bastard » Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:19 am

Ah yes, the cup cake MVs. First there were 4 or so. Then there were 12. This year there may be 30. Does that make it right? How much living room furniture do we need on the playa? A lot of the small ones seem to be a convienient mode of transportation. I wasn't trying to discount smaller MVs. However the frequency of the idea of decorating a golf cart is far too common for my taste as most of the MVs created with them are still recognizable as a golf cart. And most of them are not mutated. Sticking a piece of art on the roof does not make a mutant vehicle. It makes an art cart.

Like I said, check out the link I posted. It's about a 1/2 hour to one hour read but packed full of info. And ideas, inspiration and clues into what's been done before. My statement of "Go big or leave it at home" is subjective. It means think big not as in size so much as in grand ideas.

If this guy wants to give people rides, being able to give rides to one person at a time only makes sense. For that you need to think bigger then a golf cart. I had some of the same thoughts when I started out on mine. I wanted to give people cruising time because I was denied rides a lot the previous year. Mine holds over 30 people now. It started at 20 until burn night. We counted 34 heads. I quickly checked my suspension and tires and it looked like I could hold a little more. I had the room.

If a golf cart is the only base vehicle one has to work with then YES, remove the whole body and start from the frame up. That would truely be a mutant vehicle and not an art cart.

Here's the 34 heads...
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Post by Starman97 » Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:03 pm

You're not going to get a rental past the DMV, they want to see mods.
Welds, holes cut in the body, new structural parts etc.

I brought out my modded cart, A vintage '79 EZ-GO electric 3 wheeler.
No problems, but it had a whole new external shell built up with copper wire and translucent fabric lit by computer controlled multicolor LED pods.

Maybe it's a bit more on the Art-cart side, but I'm adding to it every year, 100% mutation doesn't happen overnight :)

This year, I think I've got the series hybrid system workable. It was not ready last trip out. Run on gas on the wide open spaces, but switch over to silent stealth mode on the streets. We had lots of fun cruising late at night, people would see the LEDs and think just some ravers with blinkys were behind them, then look back and see this huge UFO disc back there.
The speed control and motor are dead silent and can creep slower than you can walk and not use much battery at all.


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