Hip-Hop Dance Tent?

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Hip-Hop Dance Tent?

Postby QueenOfTheBeans » 8 years ago

Hey Hey,

I had a blast last year dancing to some amazing hip hop. I want to say the tent was all the way at 1:00 and esplanade. It was a really big tent with a platform in the middle and cages hanging down that people were dancing in. I was beyond thrilled to be able to dance the night away to such amazing beats and I was wondering if anybody knew the name of this camp/group and if they'll be back.


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Postby itssunnyv » 8 years ago

haha... i'm going to watch this topic. i love how as much as you wander around, you always miss out on things. i didn't get my share of hip hop last year. this year i'm determined to.

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Postby meyouseek » 8 years ago

If only Plug4 would come back to the playa... that camp knew how to kick some hip hop.

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Postby mari » 8 years ago

Cyphertown is throwing the hip-hop down...around 2:00 and sumting!
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