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Re: Full Service-Self Service

Post by Tom.Jennings » Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:33 pm

ron miller wrote:Does anyone know where "Full Service-Self Service" will be located? I did not see it in any of the listings.
Hey, I'm trying to contact anyone at Full Serve Self Serve (post playa 2008) -- I was short $$ whilst buying dry ice in Los ANgeles prior to leaving for the playa, and one of their members lent me -- a total stranger! -- $20 on the spot.

By Tuesday I'd forgot to drop by their camp to repay. Very bad! Bad me!

So I wanna repay 'em post-facto, but I cannot find any contact info (or theme camp listing). If you know 'em, lemme know how to contact them... my email is /tomj at wps dot com/...
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