We want a camp, a camp wants us.

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We want a camp, a camp wants us.

Postby firenipplefancypants » 8 years ago

Me and my three mates would like to contribute to a camp this year. We will bring all our own resources (are all previous burners) as well as contribute the following skill sets:

bike wrenching (we are bikeshop owners--will bring parts), dancing skills (ballet and hiphop:), barista-services (masters of the 28 second pour), tarot card reading, and body painting (3 artists on hand....picasso, who?).

we all are mensa certified intelligent, resourceful, and burning man endorsed specialists in fun.

let me know if you know of any camps needing these assets.

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Salon Soleil is looking for a few!

Postby PopRocks » 8 years ago

Hey FireNippleFancyPants (if that IS your real name),

We at Salon Soleil are looking a few folks to round out our camp.

We are (mostly) experienced burners, based in SF area, with others in Davis, NYC, and points beyond. A good blend of men & women. Good resources (well-appointed shade domes, water barrels, kitchen, solar power, showers, etc.).

Tarot reading would definitely come in handy during our annual "Healing Fair(e)". And I'm sure the dancing skills would be put to the test at our annual Fire Opera.

Check us out at www.salonsoleil.net and drop me (Poprocks) a note at poprocks23@gmail with a number we can chat on.

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A camp for you

Postby motofab » 8 years ago

You dudes sound like a good match for our camp. At the Hardly Davidson Cafe we're gonna cut n weld bikes and turn 'em into choppers. We're long time burners (10years) and already have most of the stuff we need. Your bike parts and skills would be awesome to add to our theme. We're located on the Esplanade at 4:30. You can get me at john@fusiontechnology.com


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