Red Nose District Needs Truck Driver; Also Flatbed Trailer

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Red Nose District Needs Truck Driver; Also Flatbed Trailer

Post by Dr. Nome » Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:57 pm

The Red Nose District is a large Esplanade entertainment camp. Last year we were the largest theme camp. This year we are in the 5:00 block next to center camp, a prime location. Burning Man is counting on us to put on a series of major shows for tens of thousands.

We have three enormous structures that include Cirque Berzerk, Totem, and the Nome, plus much other equipment.

Unfortunately, we just lost our 53-ft tractor-trailer rig. We are scrambling for resources to get our stuff up there and back on small trailers and trucks.

We have an uncommitted F350 or two and we need drivers to haul two trailers up and back. We have to trust the driver as the tow vehicle and loads are quite valuable. So we are looking for someone with a lot of experience and maybe a real license. If you have your own truck F350 or bigger, even better.

We will pay all hard costs and expenses, and make you an RND member, feed you and pay your camp dues.

We think we have all the trailers now, except for a 24 ft flat bed needed to haul a huge piece of aerial artwork to be used during the big Mutaytor show at our camp this year. If you could get the Hypha up there on your flatbed trailer or low-stakebed truck, you'd have the appreciation of tens of thousand of burners.

We may also need to transport a second stage as well, but are still working on getting that stage.

Contact Dr. Nome by phone at 408-309-2663 or by email at

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Post by MozyBonz » Sun Aug 10, 2008 8:10 pm

do you still need drivers?


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