Friendly Indian (East) looking for a camp

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Friendly Indian (East) looking for a camp

Post by SpicyChocolate » Tue Aug 12, 2008 3:10 pm

Hey everyone,
I just made a decision to come to Burning Man for my first time. I am really excited and nervous about coming because I am afraid that I won't be as crazy and colorful, and crazy talented and inventive as the others, and also a little intimidated about coming alone. Plus, sandstorms + living in tent + being in the middle of a desert without the usual amenities like food / shelter etc, forgetting to bring something basic, getting caught in a sandstorm or having my stuff stolen and in general doing a million things by myself (feels like a lot of effort unto itself).

That said, if food / shelter / camp stuff is given (however basic it is. I grew up in India with basic amenities - I don't need much), it's feel less scary to come because I'm good at making friends and exploring and it feels like a great space to explore deeper within myself and connecting and being wild and true and crazy.

So, basically, I am looking for a safe, friendly camp with fun people, some space to crash, maybe showers, and just people who know where shit's at and.
I'm male, 27, from Seattle, self-sufficient, friendly, interesting, Indian, engineer, occasional writer, kind.

So, if you have a camp with some space, PM me / or reply to this thread or let me know where to find one.


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Post by joemomma » Tue Aug 12, 2008 8:50 pm

read the survival guide at burning how you getting there? making friends is no problem, but don't expect to be a mooch....


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