Seeking a Camp (Community) for Burning Man

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Seeking a Camp (Community) for Burning Man

Post by ESCAPE_REALITY » Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:25 pm

Hey All,

Life has bestowed upon me a last minute opprotunity to go to Burning Man this year. Yes, life is good sometimes. And so, my boyfriend and I are now am hoping to find a camp to join last minute. We did it alone last year, but feel that we missed out a little by doing so. We'd love to find a small to moderate sized camp, more into forming community than partying to dawn, with minimal 'camp' requirements. We very much want to participate/contribute to the camp, and are willing to pay a fee ($100 or less), but since it is so last minute, think that getting our minimal act together will be a challenge. Also, since we won't be arriving until mid-day/early evening on Weds, don't want to spend our time at Burning Man doing camp chores. We therefore are looking for a camp that focuses more on the spirit of Burning Man, then a fancy kitchen/shower or sound system/or 3 meals a day.
Please only respond with positive comments. We all go to Burning Man seeking different things. I hope to find a group who shares my goals and make them a family for the Burn.

Thanks in advance for any advice/offers you can give,

escape_reality2005 at yahoo

Ps. We are mid-30s, from the Bay Area.


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