PORN&EGGS BiggerStrongerFasterHarder!!!!!

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PORN&EGGS BiggerStrongerFasterHarder!!!!!

Post by PORN&EGGS » Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:50 am

[b]PORN&EGGS New and Improved for 2008![b] ı

Hope everyone has their party pants on, this year is shaping up to be an amazingly great time;
here are just a few reasons to be even more excited than you already are….

WE HAVE A SUPER FUN CREW (and more bi- than ever!)

P&E has an all-star cast coming together from both
coasts, so we're more bi-coastal than ever this year… we are approximately 20
people and getting bigger! We're still open to having more super fun, playful naughty play partners camping with us, so if you're still looking, look over here!


We are at 9:00 & Fairlane, directly across the street from The Deep End – the single greatest
daytime party on the Playa… great music, a river of flowing drinks and a sea of
dancing wonderfulness.

Needless to say,
everyone and their mother asks to be near The Deep End, but we got the spot
because, as the person responsible for Camp placement at Burning Man HQ put it,
"Fortunately, I have many fond memories of Porn & Eggs." Karmic payback... so many asscheeks expertly tattooed, so many well played
dares, so many well-poured body shots, so many drinks served, so many random hugs given... so many yet to do.
Perhaps even better,
we are a block from the bathrooms so they are NOT on our street (perfect) but
super close (perfect) and about 2 blocks from the ICE trucks (cool).

The camp will be a great space with lots of great bells and whistles…

We will have
1,000 square feet of shaded chill space; a 40x20 public space out front and a
smaller private space in the back for our camp only.

The public space out front will have a bar ("The Morning Wood Saloon" ~ word is that it will
be "Twice the size this year, and SIX TIMES more penisy. A Body-Shot-Spot
and a couple of elevated platforms which can serve as stages or lounges as
needed and, of course, the infamous PORN-0-MATIC where you can film your very own scene to be projected on our 20 ft screen!

The private space in the back will have a kitchen area, a chill space for general lounging,
a space for tents and a camp shower with running heated water!

Both areas will have a scattering of chairs and couches and a HUGE FUR HEART!!!!.

IMPORTANTISH NOTE: since The Deep End and our own public spaces can tend to get very
high-energy, we hope to create a private space in the back where you can escape
the general insanity and re-charge. Please
respect the chill space by keeping it clean and generally zen.

In addition to the bar, the usual suspects will be led by our new MC. "the famous Butcher Slim" from Austin Texas. (Pornstar playing cards, Tattoos, body-shots etc.) and a few new faces have been added including... a St. Andrews' Cross (nice, thanks go to Doug & Pause!!!) and "Team Truth or Dare" game, all of which promise to be up to P&E standards for interactive and entertaining. As always, you are welcome and encouraged to add your own personal flare to the mix however you see fit.

Based on
the current headcount, we expect camp dues will only be about $150/person this year. We wanted to keep dues to an absolute minimum
this year, so that covers:

Shipping & Handling (Major
costs incurred to get the bulk of the camp infrastructure to and from the
Playa – 16 foot truck to haul stuff from SF & Reno to BRC, insurance,
miles, gas for the truck) Power (Gas for the generator to
power things while we are there) Eggs, tortillas & hot sauce (As many containers of egg
beaters as we can afford with what's left over after the above expenses; should be plenty) some booze and a hellalot of fun.

OK, here are the events are confirmed so far with many others being planned!

Highly-interactive tattoo magic... as usual, we will be doing the ever popular P&E tatts, always a crowd pleaser
Low-maintenance interactive games... planning to have a "Team Truth or Dare" game set-up in front of the camp; people will toss mini-beanbags thru wood cutouts to ear the right to dish out dares to the opposite team.
P&E Playing Cards
General Tom Foolery and Shenanigans
Validating as many people as possible

Lick Bernard's Ear Day
Led Zepplin Bloody Mary/Mimosa brunch, everyone in Camp aprons.....only.
PORN & EGGS PROM - 10PMish (live DJs and "Amature Film" screening, wink, wink)
Can't wait to see you!!!!!!

Minister of Fun
Worth Every Bite.

Sleep Less, Dream More!

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Post by chiefdanfox » Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:56 am

Hope everyone has their party pants on
Boy did I pick a shitty year to wear a dress or what?

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Post by JezebelinHell » Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:12 pm

Yay! We're neighbors! Had the pleasure of seeing the giant fuzzy heart last week, and it's spectacular. I'll be sure to come by early in the week and get in all sorts of trouble with my girlfriend for participating in your naughty ass party games.
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Post by somekind » Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:22 pm

I can get hard for that. Do you have any morning wood events?

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Post by Ugly Dougly » Fri Aug 22, 2008 1:52 pm

Party pants?
What happened to my pants?
Is a loincloth OK?

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Post by MissNev » Fri Aug 22, 2008 2:43 pm

I just got me some party pants and I was wondering where to wear them! YAY!
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