Please return the Deep End Camera

If it has a charger, maybe a little screen, fits on your pocket or turns on and off, this is probably the category you want to try to get it back.

Please return the Deep End Camera

Postby Meowmeow » Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:54 pm

So my video camera was "removed" from my lil black backpack while cleaning up the deep end on wednesday night. It was a black panasonic and the footage at the beginning of the disk is clearly from the inside views of the deep end. there is also a fire shooting show on the footage. Though it was VERY disheartening to have someone go into my bag and remove the camera..(and my cigarette butt tin.. had since 2005). I would just really like to have the rest of that footage.
the camera was in a white, orange and pink psychedelic print drawstring bag. If anyone has seen this footage please let me know. It was the deep end's last year and that was the camp documentary camera for the amazing people who have brought the deep end to you for the past 7 years!

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