2 The 2 Beautiful Bois camped behind Velvet Soulmine

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2 The 2 Beautiful Bois camped behind Velvet Soulmine

Postby old.soul » Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:17 pm

Where did you and your man go? I loved chillin with you 2 drinking "Menstrual Madness" in the AM then wanderingout in the duststorm that led us back to where we set off from! :)
We met thru my friend sophie and chilled the day before the man burned. We ATe "PB&J&Playa Dust sammiches" at your van parked behind velvet soulmine and introduced a guy named noodle to the wonder that is PB&J. We discussed the nationals in wyoming and the fact that we've all been crossing paths all summer.
I was bummed to lose you guys when the crowd moved into the burning heap of the man and we got seperated. I thought i'd surely run into you guys at the techno dome at 10:00 and get to dance in to the morn with you and maybe more ;) But alas; I danced there all night(mostly) and didnt catch sight of you 2. I crashed hard after the sunrise and when i woke up went to where your van was and Woe it was not there.

I'm headed to mendo now, hope you are too. I somehow know we'll meet again. Lost all my gear and fone but do email me if you read this. I'd Love to meet-up and see where it takes us.
Lovin' and Missin You,
(the long-darkhaired-rastatam-wearin-unicyclist-in striped green tights)
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Re: 2 The 2 Beautiful Bois camped behind Velvet Soulmine

Postby mesabear » Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:45 am

The soulmine is now the Siberian electric company on 3:00 and e or f, they stopped by last year but where not camping with us, sorry I wish I did have a better contact, stop by if you are in town and if they do I will have them find this.
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