2009 BRC MV PARTY! More Info!

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2009 BRC MV PARTY! More Info!

Post by infinight » Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:48 am

Hello burners!

This year we will host the first annual MV party! I have had lots of interest in this and we have many MV's on the bill to participate! Since the byurn is less than two weeks away, I figured I would post one last time to catch any other MV's that may want to participate. We have MV's small and large with sound systems as small as 1K watts and as large as 30K watts! We also have had interest expressed by a mobile fire stage that will be attending! They have many flame throwers and even a flame ball shooting eyeball!

We plan to start the event on Wednesday night, just after sunset, in between the man and the temple. We will be linking our art cars in a circle and will be linking them via 100' XLR cable from roof to roof. That way nobody will "trip" over the cables :lol:
After all of our sound systems are linked together, the respective DJ's will "meet in the middle" and draw cards. High card wins dibs on rocking everyones systems all at once, and that art car will be responsible for the main audio source. We plan on this event lasting an hour or two. The billion bunny march is the same evening, so I am sure we will have lots of rabbit ears bouncing to the beat!

All interested MV owners who are not yet coming to the meet and greet tuesday night are invited to come! We will have refreshments, music, and ideas flowing out of our third eyes!

Ravens’ Nest
9:00 and D
Look for the zip line!
7pm! Tuesday!

Come meet other MV owners that will be participating in the event and network, as well as figure out if anyone needs more/ longer cables, audio requirements, start times, and location. We plan on starting the event on wed night, 10pm playa time! We currently have (6) confirmed MV's on board and talks of a mobile fire spinning platform being installed in the middle of our "MV RING". So come bring your asses over to the meet and greet! If you wanna play you gotta stay! No but really come and meet us so this event can really go off. Larger MV's that need substantial space are asked to please contact morganlavery@gmail.com on or before the event to make sure we have enough cabling, proper positioning etc. We are all excited about the event wed and will C U there!

Ask for Infinight or FurSure.

So people! Come rock out with us! Email me for more info @ morganlavery@gmail.com

)*( )*( )*(

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Post by Ugly Dougly » Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:07 am

Did we ever find out that the hell an MV was?

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Post by infinight » Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:31 pm

Mutant Vehicle

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Post by oscillator » Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:59 pm

??? I always thought it was Mysterious Vespa.

Like the rare & elusive 1954 200cc fuel-injected fenderlight model.

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